PR Corner

Do you have a flyer, newsletter, website, or video that has been successful at drawing visitors and new members to your club?

Share your ideas and success with your fellow Toastmasters. Send examples of your PR material to to showcase on this page. Include a brief description of what made your PR campaign successful – content, design, who your target audience is (who you distribute it to), etc.

Sample Newsletters from District 101 Clubs

Intel Innovators Newsletter front page


The Intel Innovators club creates and distributes newsletters to remind people about their club. As a corporate club, members may forget to come to meetings, or may drift away from the club when they become too busy. The newsletter helps remind members of the fun atmosphere the club creates, and shares some of the memorable moments from the past month. Creating the newsletter every month can be daunting, but content and articles are divided amongst the officers so no one person is overloaded.

Newsletters can be made to look more professional by utilizing the official graphic elements from Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International recommends using their color palette, found on Page 2 of the Visual Brand Guidelines, on all promotional material.

Newsletters are a great opportunity to recognize member achievements, highlight past activities, and promote upcoming events.

Using photographs of members and club events helps readers get to know the club and see members enjoying club activities.