2020-2021 Newsletters and District Director Messages

Read the past 2020-2021 District 101 newsletters and District Director Vaibhav’s messages below.

District 101 Newsletter
Events & programs, new blogs & content

March 2021 Newsletter
Spring Conference, contests, membership, PR awards, blogs & podcasts, and a new PR resources page

February 2021 Newsletter
Events, membership programs, contests, blogs and podcasts

January 2021 Newsletter
Events, membership programs, blogs and podcasts

December 2020 Newsletter
TLI and Club officer news, blog and podcast updates

November 2020 Newsletter
Includes the Fall Fusion winners and replay

October 2020 Newsletter
Club Consulting & Club Ambassadors

September 2020 Newsletter
Calls for club mentors and coaches

August 2020 Newsletter
TLI, business meeting, and COT

July 2020 Newsletter
Recognition programs