District 101 presents:

Toastmasters Leadership Institute!

January 26 & 27, 2024

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$10 (expires December 31st)

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$12 (expires January 15th)

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$15 (Expires January 26th)

Registration has begun!

The Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) is coming up soon! Register early for best prices. On-site price will be $20. 

This year’s TLI is two-day In-Person and hybrid Leadership Institute event on January 26th and 27th, 2024.

Update: Clubs may use district credits for registration!

 Why should I attend?

This is the premier educational opportunity for both club officers and any Toastmasters member to come together to network, share ideas, and be inspired. It’s where club officers receive training on how to best serve their clubs, and all Toastmasters can expand their skills as communicators and leaders with additional educational sessions. 

Where & When

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Friday, January 26


2788 San Tomas Expressway Santa Clara, CA 95051

Saturday, January 27


Building 1, 800 N Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA-94086

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We will also meet online on Zoom!


Our District

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It’s that time again. Together we’ve grown into spring and it’s already time for the TLI!

For D101, the TLI is a premier educational event!  This year’s event offers unique opportunities to get up close and personal with our guest speakers, learn how to be ready for the International Speaking Contest and of course, grow your leadership skills. 

Join D101 as we continue our tradition of coming together to learn, teach, and grow!

Teach & Learn

Members are learning on the job as they work to create a memorable event for you!

Unique Events

Learn information shared by top-notch pros willing to share from their experience!


See old friends, make new connections that last a lifetime! Build community.


Friday, January 26





Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet with Jocelyn Tyson and Rochelle Rice presents a unique opportunity for you to engage intimately with our esteemed speakers. This event offers a platform where you can connect on a personal level, allowing you to pose questions and gain valuable insights from these distinguished Toastmasters

with Jocelyn Tyson and Rochelle Rice


with Jocelyn Tyson and Rochelle Rice

Saturday, January 27



Keynote Speech

By Jocelyn Tyson

“From Surviving To Thriving” A journey of self discovery and acceptance through public speaking

Have you ever felt stuck? Do you want to change or start something new but you’re not sure where to begin? Like you, Jocelyn was there. We all have the potential to thrive! Jocelyn B. Tyson will impart impactful life lessons and how to get out of the perpetual rut to make lasting changes. It’s time to get off the couch and thrive!



The Road to Pro

Understanding the difference between the World Championship of Public Speaking and the Accredited Speaker Program can help you define your speaking journey. Becoming a professional speaker doesn’t mean being perfect! An approachable, conversational, and confident presentation is what the world is yearning for. Learn how becoming a pro impacts your life and your community!

By Rochelle Rice, DTM, AS, CSP



Workshop: The ABCs of Dynamic Delivery

Want to deliver an amazing speech that grabs your audience’s attention and makes a memorable impact? Jocelyn B. Tyson will break down the fundamentals of dynamic delivery. She will navigate step-by-step, giving examples and leading individual exercises, to inspire us to write and present that next powerful speech.

By Jocelyn Tyson



Workshop: Jazzed About Leadership

Your time in leadership can improve your personal life and your professional career once you comprehend the benefits. Explore the strengths of leadership through triumph and failures – recognizing the growth potential and the value of the time you serve in Toastmasters. Your club is a microcosm of our world – set achievable goals, showcase your team, and make a direct connection to your community for ultimate success!

By Rochelle Rice



Club Officers Training (COT): In-person only

Rapid Fire Questions and Member Q/A

Explore the inaugural rapid-fire question session with our speakers and delve deeper into understanding their perspectives. Engage in the D101 rapid-fire round, where chosen members will have the chance to pose questions to our esteemed guests.



World Championship of Public Speaking: Let's Get Contest Ready

Thinking about leveling up your speech talent? There is no better way to do so than by participating in a speech contest. Jocelyn B. Tyson will dissect the judge’s criteria and give her spin on the judging process for speech contests. She will share contest do’s and don’ts and her award winning tips.

The Leadership Performance: Team Building Techniques

You know the theories, now get some practical advice on putting your leadership into practice! Explore the leadership potential in each club officer role and how to assess your team while highlighting their strengths. Discover how clear communication can be built and fostered to create winning teams and dynamic clubs that thrive!

3:00 pm

Mix and Mingle: Ice Cream Social


Check out this video of one of our guest speakers, Jocelyn Tyson, as she performs her World Champion Speech entitled, “Have You Been There”. More videos to come, so please check back often.

Jocelyn Tyson performs her winning speech at the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking, Aug. 2023


Our Speakers

Jocelyn Tyson

Jocelyn Tyson


Jocelyn B. Tyson holds the prestigious title of World Champion of Public Speaking 2023 for Toastmasters International, a testament to her exceptional communication skills.  Jocelyn joined the Voorhees Toastmasters Club in 2021 to enhance her public speaking skills and expand her network. Little did she know that when competing in her first contest series, she would be set on a path to becoming a world champion. Jocelyn’s talents extend beyond public speaking. With a PhD earned in 2006 from Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Jocelyn’s academic background is as impressive as her professional achievements. Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her family and friends and participating in various athletic activities in her spare time.

Rochelle Rice, DTM, AS, CSP


Rochelle Rice, DTM, AS, CSP, is proud to be the first woman in the world to hold both the Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International and the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. 

Working with experienced and emerging leaders, Rochelle helps them eliminate the dichotomy between how they are visually perceived and what they say.  Companies, including T-Mobile, Verizon, and L’Oreal, have hired Rochelle to empower the next generation of leaders to move confidently in today’s challenging world.  

A former professional jazz dancer with 30+ years in the fitness industry, Rochelle brings a unique approach to her work. Blending her speaking expertise with her somatic experience training, she helps people regulate their nervous system and become more confident in leadership roles. 

Whether in person, hybrid, or virtual, Rochelle systematizes the principles of Embodied Leadership in each of her lively presentations. She integrates the needs of the audience through music, breath work, anatomy, and activity specifically designed to educate and energize.

Rochelle has also been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2004. She has been a member of Bryant Park Toastmasters (D46) in New York City for 22 years, and more recently joined Chamber Toastmasters (D110) in Kyiv.  She served as the Co-Council Chair of the Toastmasters Accredited Speaker Program from 2021-2023. www.RochelleRice.com





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