Avoid member burnout. Conduct quality meetings. Attract members. These are just a few of the best practices that help transform a struggling club to a great club.

The Club Consultant Program is an avenue of service designed to support, collaborate, and execute on the top challenges faced by clubs.

By turning club experiences into lessons for others to follow, this program promotes collaboration, learning and growth opportunities. Digital assets such as motivating articles, blogs, fireside chat video sessions, and podcasts from various experienced officers from the District will provide multiple ways to learn and adapt, with advice from many other clubs that may be experiencing similar challenges.

Prior to engaging in this program club officers are requested to conduct the “Moments of Truth” program.

Questions or suggestions about this program? Contact the Club Consultant Chair at clubconsultant@d101tm.org

Want to tell your story to help others, we invite you to be in our panel. Please send an email to the Club Consultant Chair at clubconsultant@d101tm.org


Find out which ideas were impactful for some clubs.

Ideas from Experienced Members

  • Attracting guests and converting them to members


  • Agenda creation idea

Articles that may spark your interest

Club Management

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Benefits/Perks of being a Club Consultant

Apart from gaining hands-on experience in guiding, leading and being a change maker for a club, this program can also contribute to your Pathways completion:

  • Pathways level 5 project: High Performance Leadership
  • Pathways level 5 project: Leading in your Volunteer Organization