District Social Media Channels

District 101 is active on various social media channels. Follow us to keep up-to-date on activities, including blogs, educationals, programs, membership, podcasts, events and more!

YouTube Channel: Especially now that many of the educational sessions and workshops are taking place online, these have been recorded for members to revisit, whether or not they attended in person. Videos are categorized into playlists. And if you have videos that you believe would be valuable to share, such as a quick tip, please email pr@d101tm.org.

Meetup: District 101 creates Meetup events for many of the educational programs, workshops, and contests that take place throughout the year. In addition, with the District-paid Meetup account, your club events can also be posted. Many clubs have found Meetup to be very successful in attracting guests, both for regular club meetings as well as for special events such as Open Houses. Once you are a member of the District 101 Meetup page, you can request to create an event using this request form.

Social Media

Many of the events and workshops are advertised on various social media channels, as well as the release of new content, including blogs, the newsletter, the podcast, and the District Director message. Follow these channels so that you can see the news in your feed, share the posts with your friends, and engage in conversations.

For advice on how your club can use its own website and social media channels, and find out about PR programs, visit the Club PR Corner.