Division A

Area A1
A2 934Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934
A2 2032Naval Postgraduate School Club
7120MIIS Toastmasters
8275Peninsula Pros Club
Oratory Otters (To A2)
Planet Ord Toastmasters Club (To A2)
Area A2
A1 4094Planet Ord Toastmasters Club
4547Speakeasy Monterey
8221Bayview Club
A1 2571179Oratory Otters
Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934 (To A1)
Naval Postgraduate School Club (To A1)
Area A3
1829Salinas Sunrise Toastmasters Club
1939Steinbeck Club
638813B.L.T. Club
1083068Talk the Line
Gilroy Toastmasters (To B1)
Area A4
301City Shakers
595Aptos Club
1803Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters
3802Evening Toastmasters Club
7481Santa Cruz Orators (SCO) Club
Area A5
5127Surf City Advanced Toastmasters
8203Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters
2498932Santa Cruz Toastmasters
4670726831 Storytellers
7410211SCB Toastriders

Division B

Area B1
1898Adlibmasters Club
8337Morgan Hill Toastmasters
E4 1571496Optical Orators
1842218The Grummarians
A3 7022252Gilroy Toastmasters
Almaden Valley Orators Club (To B5)
Shipmasters (To D1)
Stryker Toastmasters (Suspended)
Area B2
B3 6654Silver Tongued Cats
9473Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club
2997821Los Gatos Toastmasters
6523728Summit Toastmasters
7311384[24]7.ai Inspired Orators - San Jose
ToastItNow! (To B3)
Area B3
1577San Jose Toastmasters Club
B4 3572Saratoga Toastmasters Club
4224Switch-On Toastmasters Club
B2 3081591ToastItNow!
7235161Cathedral of Faith Toastmasters
Silver Tongued Cats (To B2)
Willow Glen Toastmasters (To B5)
Area B4
3626Valley Toastmasters
4658Trendsetter Toastmasters
4802Silicon Valley Toastmasters
5232Adelante Toastmasters Club
B5 7019936Big Basin Toastmasters
Saratoga Toastmasters Club (To B3)
Area B5
B1 4148Almaden Valley Orators Club
B3 7281Willow Glen Toastmasters
668615True Talking Toastmasters (TTT)
3308016Silicon Valley Storytellers
5477675Silicon Valley Improvmasters
Big Basin Toastmasters (To B4)
Flying Toasters (To C6)
Sage Intacct Toastmasters (To B6)
Area B6
C2 6274Adobe Fontificators Club
C1 8266Public Speak Easy's Club
C1 2113833Spartans Toastmasters - SJSU
C1 6003612Year Up Toastmasters
B5 7634999Sage Intacct Toastmasters

Division C

Area C1
C2 7998Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters)
8499Downtown Speechmakers
C4 1684769SynapTalks
C2 6456457QSpeak
Public Speak Easy's Club (To B6)
Santa Clara County Procurement (To D2)
Spartans Toastmasters - SJSU (To B6)
Year Up Toastmasters (To B6)
Area C2
C5 7596Friendly Toasters
C6 2814312Lumentum Toastmasters Club
C3 4727466BD Flowmasters
5560506Jade Toastmasters
Adobe Fontificators Club (To B6)
QSpeak (To C1)
Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters) (To C1)
Area C3
C4 827125Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club
C5 2853873EPL Toasters
C5 4901551ITU Toastmasters Club
G4 7757088Rivian - West Coast
BD Flowmasters (To C2)
Cadence AHgorithms Club (To C4)
Classy Toasters (To C4)
Silicon Valley Mandarin English Toastmasters (To C6)
Toastrix (To E4)
Area C4
C3 7922Cadence AHgorithms Club
C3 1027656Classy Toasters
5404978Toast On Fire
C5 7240518Broadcom-Orators Toastmasters Club
ArtICCulators Club (To C5)
Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club (To C3)
SynapTalks (To C1)
Vanguard Toastmasters (To C5)
Area C5
C4 2693Vanguard Toastmasters
C4 584244ArtICCulators Club
586504Intel Innovators
C6 1259423Vakpatugalu
Broadcom-Orators Toastmasters Club (To C4)
EPL Toasters (To C3)
Friendly Toasters (To C2)
ITU Toastmasters Club (To C3)
Area C6
2038North Valley Toastmasters
7242Milpitas Toastmasters Club
C3 2410520Silicon Valley Mandarin English Toastmasters
B5 3179320Flying Toasters
Lumentum Toastmasters Club (To C2)
Vakpatugalu (To C5)

Division D

Area D1
D3 4099Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters
854912First Street Speakers
2419756Maxim Toastmasters
3274069Toast to Arm
B1 7462711Shipmasters
ADI Silicon Valley Toastmasters (To D3)
Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club (To D4)
Area D2
D4 3104Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club
D3 4306Toastmasters Insiders Club
C1 7206362Santa Clara County Procurement
7448565Galaxy Speakers
7514402Speaking From the Heart Toastmasters
Applied Materials Club (To D3)
MoToast (To D5)
Panthers Toastmasters (To D6)
Area D3
E2 4270Wry Toastmasters
D2 5015Applied Materials Club
3559296Study Group Toastmasters
D1 7298011ADI Silicon Valley Toastmasters
E4 7327094Cheggmasters
ASML Sillicon Valley Toastmasters (To D4)
nSpeak (To D4)
Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters (To D1)
Toastmasters Insiders Club (To D2)
Area D4
D3 4460ASML Sillicon Valley Toastmasters
D1 8124Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club
D3 1490234nSpeak
D5 6650580Palo Alto Networks Toastmasters
E2 7707121Chugh Toastmasters
Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club (To D2)
AMD Speak (To D6)
MCA Toastmasters Club (To D6)
SCUMBAT Club (To D6)
Area D5
3328TGIF Management Club
770392Next Step Toastmasters Club
D2 4712057MoToast
7265549Aruba Toastmasters
Palo Alto Networks Toastmasters (To D4)
Area D6
D4 5474SCUMBAT Club
D4 685103MCA Toastmasters Club
D4 1424963AMD Speak
D2 6719263Panthers Toastmasters

Division E

Area E1
4004Top Gun Toastmasters Club
7430Macintalkers Club
7528Fair Oaks Club
Talking Chips Club (To E4)
Area E2
7975Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club
1510119Startup Speakers
5789616AbbVie Bay Area Toastmasters
E3 7325699Missionanigans
Chugh Toastmasters (To D4)
Wry Toastmasters (To D3)
Area E3
2811817Dell Silicon Valley Toastmasters
4023267McAfee Rise and Shine Toastmasters Club
6589119Da Vinci Toastmasters
7492878Bay Blitzers
Missionanigans (To E2)
Area E4
2994ToastMeisters Club
E1 3088Talking Chips Club
9946Laser Sharp Speakers
6738613Interconnected Toastmasters
C3 7549247Toastrix
Cheggmasters (To D3)
Optical Orators (To B1)
Area E5
5098Coherent Communicators Toastmasters Club
4486360Great America Speakers
5832369Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club
G1 7709585Global Toastmasters
Destination Articulation (Suspended)
Area E6
2914Excalibur Toastmasters Club
4606Cupertino Morningmasters
4608Cupertino Toastmasters
6437449Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters
SweetTalk (Suspended)

Division G

Area G1
2943Orbiters Toastmasters Club
5785357Mandarin-English Toastmasters, Mountain View
6681068Toastmasters of Waymo
Global Toastmasters (To E5)
Pure Toast (Suspended)
Area G2
4648Talking Heads Toastmasters Club
7871Intuitively Speaking Toastmasters Club
4528013Mountain View Toastmasters
G5 6902835Toastmasters Evelyn
Securely Speaking (To G5)
Area G3
49Sierra 49ers
853108Juniper Jabbers Club
5880057Look Who's Talking
G5 6970367Toastmates
7251440Proofpoint Toastmasters Club
Amazon Lab126 Toastmasters (To G4)
Area G4
2624Jetstream Toastmasters Club
587637Toasters R Us Club
607909I'm Feeling Chatty Toastmasters Club
1463124Wharton QuakeMasters
G3 4340878Amazon Lab126 Toastmasters
Rivian - West Coast (To C3)
Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters (To G5)
Area G5
G2 1029428Securely Speaking
G4 1828921Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters
1852523Now You're Talk[In]
4302421Toastmasters Lead [In] SV
4891369Samsung Speaks
Toastmasters Evelyn (To G2)
Toastmates (To G3)