District 101 holds various events throughout the Toastmasters year to provide opportunities for our members to develop communication and leadership skills, and to offer support and training so we can be successful. Check out the calendar to find more details about currently scheduled events.

  • Program Chair- Gena Pecada
    This is a program that promotes moderated round table discussions on certain topics and provides opportunities to complete level 4 projects should you choose to as well as gain experience with moderating a roundtable discussion.  Our first topic for moderated discussion is what’s on everyone’s mind – Hybrid Meetings.  Want to participate in the discussions, share your experiences or just learn, register here.  
  • Program Chair- John Webb
    This is your chance to compete.  First forty registered participants will compete in a speech writing contest. A prompt will be provided for you to write a 750-word speech and submit.  Rules, Details, Prompt etc are all listed in details of the page, If you intend to participate, don’t forget to register here by January 31st.
  • Program Chair- Megan Myer
    An hour full of fun is on the agenda during each Happy Hour session.  Networking is a skill which you can practice in no pressure, all fun environment suring D101’s Happy Hours.The first happy hour is coming up soon. Learn one cocktail, one mocktail, and one fun trick at each Happy Hour  for your next networking event.  Register by visiting the page here
  • The Club Officer After Hours provides an opportunity to receive additional information and skills to create greater success in their clubs. It also gives them the opportunity to discuss any difficulties they may be having with officers from other clubs who might be facing similar challenges or have faced them in the past. It gives a sneak peak of what each officer role means to the aspiring club officers.
  • Contests are a regular part of the Toastmasters program and provide opportunities for members to challenge their communication and leadership skills, receiving recognition for their success, both inside and outside the club environment.
  • The Fall Fusion event brings members together during the fall time for educative and informative sessions, as well as a speaker showcase, where members compete in contests not featured at the Annual Conference.
  • Club Officer Training (COT) seasons occur twice a year to prepare club officers for their role and help them be successful. They also provide opportunities for officers to network with their peers throughout the district.
  • The Toastmasters Leadership Institute (or TLI) includes a COT and has additional educational opportunities of interest to all Toastmasters members, such as workshops on aspects of communication or leadership relevant to Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike.