Jump Start

Clubs chartered by June 19 can select a Professional Development program designed to develop members’ skills and strengthen their job performance. Programs include Feedback and Evaluations, Effective Visual Design, Creating Exceptional Presentations, and more. Members will expand on essential skills such as designing, implementing, and managing business communications appropriate at all levels. Regular Toastmasters meetings keep those skills sharp while promoting communication and leadership skills through the standard curriculum.

Feedback and Evaluations:  This highly interactive workshop will provide participants with the tools needed to give and receive feedback in a variety of situations so that productivity and self esteem are not only maintained, but greatly improved. Practicing these techniques will help participants leave with a sense of clarity and confidence to be able to handle future interactions.

Effective Visual Design:  It’s not about the bullets! This course shows you how to use the incredible capabilities of PowerPoint and other visual presentation tools to put together presentations that are well-constructed, engaging and entertaining, pleasing to the eye, properly paced, and unmistakably clear in their message. Also included: the before, during, and after of the presentation.

Creating Exceptional Presentations: This presentation skills workshop aids participants in building and delivering a powerful message to both internal and external clients. It is a highly interactive workshop that focuses on audience styles, structuring the message, delivery skills, and handling audience questions. Designed for those who must deliver executive level presentations, sales presentations and technical presentations.

Delivering the Proposal: How do you deliver a proposal or frame a pitch that is a winner? In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll do a deep-dive on how to determine the points that matter, the phrases and words that do and don’t work, and the main drivers that keep you on point and your audience engaged.

Technical Briefings: The technical briefing is a no-nonsense speech that conveys technical information to a critical audience. The briefing is the most common kind of speech presented in today’s workplace. In this workshop, we cover the steps that lead to success in a technical briefing, including understanding who you will present to, arrangement of material, and best-practices to keep your audience engaged.

Presenting Across Borders 101: If your business has expanded beyond national borders and you must speak to business contacts in other lands, watch out for miscommunication and misunderstanding! You are responsible for offering an effective presentation no matter where you are on the map. Don’t expect customers in Japan to react to your presentations the same way your customers do in Great Britain. This workshop will cover guidelines for intercultural success and help you understand the main points that will make you an ambassador wherever you are!

Questions? Contact our Club Extension Chair, David Spence, at newclub@d101tm.org.