Why are renewals important for you?

Renewing your membership is a personal commitment to continual growth and development. This is an opportunity to evaluate what you have gained so far and set goals for the next Toastmasters year.

Why are member renewals important for the club?

Getting club members renewed is the ultimate mandate the club is delivering on their commitments. This provides the opportunity for the club to re-emphasize and refresh deliverables to members.  And ensure they are delivering on their commitments.  Also the club gets the opportunity to win district credits with programs like Steller September / March madness, more details here.

What are the key dates for renewals?

Renewals take place every 6 months from August 15 – September 30 and February 15 to March 31st.  However to win district credit via district programs like above mentioned Steller September / March madness, 75-100% of the members must renew by September 15th / March 15th respectively.

Toastmasters Renewals Resources

  • Club Base Membership: Easy way to track your membership renewals progress and how you stack up against other clubs in the district
  • Open House Resources: Holding an Open House is one of several ways to promote your club and Toastmasters. An Open House helps the club grow by getting new members, which in turn brings fresh new viewpoints, potential leaders ready to work for club growth, and enough members to enable effective and productive meeting
  • Membership Building Ideas: incorporate a few of the hundreds of membership building ideas into your Open House planning process and event.
  • Modern payment methods: We live in a virtual world. Here some easy ways to accept payment:
  • The process to pay member dues: how to process payments online for members through Toastmasters online (for Treasurers).

Questions? Want to share ideas?

Contact District 101’s Renewals chair, Chie Kawahara at renewals@d101tm.org.