ToastWorking with a Purpose


What’s Toastworking with a Purpose?

TWWAP is a Moderator led session centered around a specific theme.  There will be 3-5 roundtables (breakout rooms), which will focus on different topics for the same theme.  Participants can select to join the roundtable discussion for any of those topics.  As part of moderator-led discussion, participants will discuss and generate a list of outcomes from the discussion to be shared with the whole group.

When will be  the first TWWAP session?

The first TWWAP session will be on November 16, 2021 on the topic of “Hybrid Meetings”.

Round Table Discussion Topics for the theme of  “Hybrid Meetings”

  • Breakout 1 (Moderator -1)– Technology discussions, what does the best setup look like?
  • Breakout 2  (Moderator – 2) – Locations? What do you do and look for and how does the SAA role change?
  • Breakout 3  (Moderator – 3)– How to make meeting roles more effective during hybrid meetings?
  • Breakout 4  (Moderator – 4) – How to conduct a seamless contest in a hybrid environment for your clubs?

Example Schedule:

6:00: Welcome & Introductions 

        – Overview of the topic: Hybrid Meetings

        – Explanation of breakout rooms & protocols

        – Introduction of moderators

6:15:  Hybrid Meeting Breakout Rooms (led by a moderator)

        – Technology (setup, equipment, logistics etc.)

        – Locations

        – How to make meeting roles more effective

        – Conducting contests in a hybrid environment

7:00:  Whole group share, Q&A

7:25 Closing

        – Wrap-up and give link to survey

How can I suggest networking topics for TWWAP?

The topics are still yet to be determined, so if you have any ideas about networking topics, please take the TWWAP Topic and Interest survey.

Who can Moderate and what are the benefits?

Anyone who is on their path to complete level 3, 4 or 5 pathways levels can fill out the form to become a moderator

If you are in Pathways levels 3, 4, or 5, or if you are simply looking for a leadership opportunity, you may consider moderating a session or two. ToastWorking with a Purpose virtual meetings can qualify for elective projects in varying pathways. Check your Base Camp elective projects to see if attending or moderating a session will help you progress in Pathways. Here are some examples of elective projects:

  • L3: Make Connections through Networking
  • L4: Manage Online Meetings
  • L5: Moderate a Panel Discussion
  • L5: Lessons Learned (how to identify the discussion points of a large group meeting, encourage a culture of contribution and voicing opinions)

If you are considering becoming a moderator, please respond to the Call for Moderators by December 4, 2021.

Are there any training requirements or expectations from moderators? 

If you wish to moderate a discussion, please join a session where Rita Barber will go over a few tips of moderating a session where everyone feels included, greeting people, keeping cultural differences in mind,  managing conflicts and not letting the discussions go off track.

The first moderator training will be held over Zoom in December. Please complete the Call for Moderators form to get an invite to the Moderator Training workshop.

Save the Dates: 

All meetings are on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30PM.

  • 11/16/21 – Topic: Hybrid Toastmasters Meetings
  • 1/4/22 – Topic: TBD
  • 2/15/22 – Topic: TBD
  • 3/29/22 – Topic: TBD
  • 5/17/22 – Topic: TBD
  • 6/21/22 – Topic: TBD

I’m in!! How do I register?

TWWAP Registration Form: Hybrid Meetings


Questions? Contact: Gena Pacada at