What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story!  Stories promote compassion for others, stories provide food for thought, and stories jump-start your imagination!  “What’s Your Story” is a one-of-a-kind contest in D101 encouraging everyone to share their story on a provided topic.  A written passage of no more than 750 words is what’s required to participate in the contest.

What is it?

A unique contest in the world of D101.  We are now providing a platform to practice writing great speeches which ultimately will result in delivering great speeches!  

What’s required?

This contest requires no special instruments except a way to pencil your imagination! 


We believe everyone who participates in this contest is a winner… but every contest must end with a top 3, right! … So here are the judging criteria

  1. Is the story related to the prompt?
  2. Does it convey the message well?
  3. Does it have a great opening, middle, and closing?
  4. Is it original?
  5. Is the description vivid enough to paint a picture well? 


Fall 2021 Contest Timeline:

Starts Nov 1; intent to compete by Nov. 15, submissions by Dec. 15, winners Dec. 20!

SIGN UP:  Intent To Compete Form


Questions? Contact: John Webb at johnwebb.tm@gmail.com