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Shyamala Sista

Shyamala Sista, DTM, EC4, DL4

District Director

For questions about District leadership roles, send mail to the District Director at

Shyamala Sista

Kalpana Aroda, ACB, DL5, PM5

Program Quality Director

For questions about Educational Awards, Club Officer Training, Contests, and District Conferences, send mail to the Program Quality Director at

Yifang Xu

Abhijeet Joshi, MS5, TC5

Club Growth Director

For information on starting a new Club, mentoring or coaching a Club, or managing Club dues, send mail to the Club Growth Director at

Yifang Xu

Mythili Prabhu, DTM

Public Relations Manager

For information on the District or club website, ideas, Social Media, different forms of communication to promote your club, send mail to the Public Relations Manager at