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Podcast: Destination 101 – Episode 08, Unmute Yourself! Edition 

Birgit chats with Shyamala, Anna and Diane about highlights of joining Toastmasters and their experiences with the virtual DTM hug line, plus exciting Spring Conference details about the keynote speaker, business meeting, and – Bingo!

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New Blog Articles

3 Ways to Improve your Speaking Voice: Rovina Suri explains that vocal variety is the way you use your voice to create interest, excitement, and emotional involvement, and discusses tips for varying pitch, volume and timing.
7 Social Media Apps for Toastmasters Clubs: Juan Gonzales discusses how clubs today have the opportunity to expand their reach to new members, organize and promote meetings and connect members through the use of social media.
Visit our blog page to read this and many other articles about a variety of topics, including member spotlights, club management, and personal growth.
Heart to Heart Conversations: Episode 2

Watch the second episode of the Heart to Heart series, in which Tasha Ford chats with Alyson King

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GREAT Event: Zoom Master Crash Course

Watch the replay of the GREAT Event featuring Nishant Chandrashekar, who provides tips for both Zoom hosts and attendees.

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Hybrid Meetings in the Toastmasters Magazine

Here’s a little club-hopping news: Birgit participated in a Toastmasters panel that discussed hybrid meetings, which was written up in the Toastmasters Magazine. Read it here!

District News

New PR Resources Page for Clubs

In our ongoing site redesign, the new PR Resources page is now live! You will find a wealth of information, including tools and tips you can use for club promotion, from your club website to newsletters to flyers, plus a section that is dedicated entirely to District 101’s PR awards.


Welcome to our Newly Chartered Club

District 101 would like to welcome another new club to the Toastmasters family. Congratulations to the Intercontinental Advanced Toastmasters Club!


Vibrant Clubs of the Month – March

Congratulations to I’m Feeling Chatty Toastmasters Club for receiving the “D101 Vibrant Club of the Month” for the third month in a row, and earning the additional $30/month in District credit. See who else was a Vibrant Club this month here.

District 101 March Newsletter

Read about the District 101 Spring conference, contests, membership programs, the annual PR awards, two new blogs and podcasts, and newly launched PR Resources page

And read all prior newsletters here.

Vaibhav’s April District Director message

As we near the last three months of the Toastmasters year, take stock of what you have gained from Toastmasters – and also what you have contributed to your clubs. Create and execute a plan for your continued growth. And with many new PR resources on this site, help spread the word about the benefits of membership!  

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Be safe – Zoom tips & tricks

Get advice here on how to secure your meetings with Zoom settings and host controls, and how to do PR without sacrificing meeting security.