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District 101 serves the area from Mountain View to King City, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties and most of Santa Clara county – we call it “Silicon to Surf”.


Message from the District Director

In this year, I invite you all to set new goals, higher than ever, and get engaged, more than ever, with your clubs and with District 101 Toastmasters. Let this year be your year, where you amplify your learnings and find consistent value in your Toastmasters meetings.

When I joined my first Toastmasters club, I was encouraged to explore what goes on beyond the club level. I was asked to be a timer at an Area Contest and I gladly said yes! I was happy I did, since it allowed me to network with several other Toastmasters members and leaders and provided me opportunities to develop new skills. From there on, it only got better as I began to take advantage of the various events that happen within District 101. 

I would like each of you to explore and Expand Your Horizons, our District theme this year, and realize the full potential of the benefits that Toastmasters has to offer. Be it through delivering speeches, giving evaluations, leading Table Topics, participating in educational events, being a club officer or organizing a club or District event, there are always a multitude of opportunities for each of us to go past (Expand) our set goals (Horizons) and push ourselves higher.

As we continue our journey, I wish you all success and strongly encourage you to Expand Your Horizons and aspire to achieve more. Let’s work together to Expand our Horizons and experience the true value of our Toastmasters membership. Feel free to contact me at dd@d101tm.org to find out more about the various opportunities within District 101. 

Pavan Datla, District Director



A Club Ambassador goes to Antarctica!

(by Satish Shenoy)

Anytime I visit a new city, country, or continent for that matter, part of my Toastmasters mission is to look up and visit clubs. Over the last 6 years as a Toastmaster, I have had the opportunity of visiting over 20 clubs across 5 continents.  Naturally, when the Antarctica opportunity came up, I looked up clubs to visit there too. Read more…

My TLI experience

(by Peggy McGrath)

I’ve been to a few TLI’s over the years. They’ve all been good, but this TLI seemed extra-ordinary. Read more…

Celebration of Success at the Leadership Luncheon

(by Lakshmi Jagannathan)

Celebrating success injects life into an organization, making it worthwhile for members to contribute to its long-term success. Leadership luncheon was an opportunity to recognize all the contributions made in the past year and to ring in the new with a renewed sense of purpose. Read more…

Learning to go Above and Beyond

(by Lakshmi Jagannathan)

Have you ever had this experience happen to you – you are looking at a page that says Pathways on the Toastmasters International website. You click on buttons, see a video, but have no clue how to get a course. Or maybe you are the VP of Education at your club and are not quite sure how to certify people who have completed a path. Read more…

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