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Episode S2.07: Should I Sit…or Stand? (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on whether to sit or stand during a presentation, especially a virtual presentation. Join host Birgit Starmanns to hear what you may want to consider when deciding to sit or stand!

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New Blog Post – “Making Table Topics Fun”

Learn how to make Table Topics fun and still reap the benefits!


Visit our blog page to read this and many other articles about a variety of topics, including member spotlights, club management, and personal growth.

Hybrid Meetings in the Toastmasters Magazine

Here’s a little club-hopping news: Birgit participated in a Toastmasters panel that discussed hybrid meetings, which was written up in the Toastmasters Magazine. Read it here!

District News

Website Redesign

Notice anything different? We are launching a new look for our District 101 website with the start of the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year. It is now easier to find information and resources, whether you’re a member, club officer, or visitor! It’s still a work in process, so keep coming back to check out what’s new.

Kalpana’s July District Director Message

District Director Kalpana Aroda shares her vision for the new Toastmasters year!

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District 101 Newsletter – July ’22

Welcome to the new Toastmasters year. New year, New goals along with COTs. 

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Be safe – Zoom tips & tricks

Get advice here on how to secure your meetings with Zoom settings and host controls, and how to do PR without sacrificing meeting security.