Start a New Club

Start a Club and Save — TI has extended the incentive program through June 30, 2021.
Effective immediately, any new clubs that organize now through June 30, 2021, will have the charter fee ($125 USD) and the new member fees ($20 USD per member) waived. To qualify, new clubs will need to fully complete the charter process, pay the $45 USD membership dues for each charter member, and pay the prorated amount for the next renewal cycle (April 2021 for clubs organizing through March or October 2021 for clubs organizing April through June) by June 30, 2021.

You’ve looked at the list of clubs. And maybe you are already a member of a club (or two). Yet you would like to see a club that doesn’t currently exist! Maybe you would like to see a club at your company? In your community?  Are you interested in a specialty club that matches a skill or interest that you would like your club to focus on? Think about a club with a focus on a foreign language, leadership skills, storytelling, even interests such as  fitness or reading, to name just a few. And of course a club whose meeting schedule works for you.

Let us know and we’ll help you get started!

Types of Clubs

Toastmasters groups are formed every day in a variety of settings. Clubs meet onsite at companies, churches, universities, restaurants, community centers, and any number of other locations. Some clubs gather around a theme, such as bilingual clubs speaking English plus another language, as well as clubs which concentrate on specialties like storytelling or parliamentary procedure (see the list of current specialty clubs here). Additionally, you can let your entrepreneurial creativity flow and suggest any themed club, such as a monolingual non-English club or other special interest club.

And with the current restrictions for in-person gatherings, clubs can even start by meeting online. Once restrictions are lifted, you can choose to take your club to a physical venue, stay exclusively online, or define a hybrid approach.

First Steps

The process to form a Toastmasters group is straightforward – all of the educational materials are provided for you, and local leaders in Toastmasters will guide you through the process and provide expertise and resources.

 The process to form a Toastmasters club is as follows:

  • Contact us at Our club Extension Chair will meet with you (currently online), and you can discuss your initial ideas and brainstorm to make them more concrete.
  • Set up a demo meeting, where local Toastmasters will show you a meeting in action, and explain the various roles of the meeting, and of club officers and members.
  • Gather interested potential members. Ideally, you should aim for 30+ interested people for the demo meeting to gather momentum.
  • Recruit 20+ applications, 20 is the number of members required by Toastmasters International to charter a club. The Club Extension team will help you submit the chartering and member application paperwork.
What does it cost?

Think of these fees as being the most cost-effective on-going skills education you can get! When you charter a new club, costs include:

  • One-time chartering fee to organize a club: $125 + tax: (total $135.00)
  • New-member fee, which includes initial educational materials: $20/person
  • Six months’ membership dues: $45/person (due every six months)
  • Individual clubs may charge a normal additional charge, typically less than $10, to cover expenses such as the rental of physical venues (also due every six months)
Current Members – Do you want to help?

You can help bring aspiring clubs to life too!

It has been a challenging time for the first half of this Toastmasters year. Now things are picking up! We are actively working on new clubs planning to charter, and are proactively seeking new club ideas. Contact us if you would like to build a club, or help with the team during the chartering process.

We are on the lookout for:

  • Potential meeting locations future clubs can use
  • Speakers and functionary roles to participate in demo meetings
  • Experienced Toastmasters to sponsor the club and earn Pathways credit!

 Contact our Club Extension Chair, Rita Barber, at: with your idea and/or questions.