Divisions and Areas

A listing of all clubs by area and division.

District 101 is organized into six Divisions, each led by a Division Director. Each Division is organized into four to six Areas, each led by an Area Director. Each Area contains between four and six clubs.

Click on a Division to see the clubs and Areas it contains.

Division D Director Cherry Sze (cherryszeyc@gmail.com)
Area D1
Area D1 Director Valerie Bostrom (valerie.bostrom@gmail.com)
4099Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters
854912First Street Speakers
2419756Maxim Toastmasters
Area D2
Area D2 Director Tejas Pidkalwar (tejas.pidkalwar@gmail.com)
3104Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club
4306Toastmasters Insiders Club
7448565Galaxy Speakers
Area D3
Area D3 Director Poorva Desai ()
4270Wry Toastmasters
5015Applied Materials Club
3559296Study Group Toastmasters
7298011ADI Silicon Valley Toastmasters
7980399SCC Speak To Lead
Area D4
Area D4 Director Ishwaki Thakkar (ishwaki.thakkar@intel.com)
4460ASML SV Toastmasters
8124Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club
7963108Roche SC Toastmasters
Area D5
Area D5 Director Naman Gupta (namgup94@gmail.com)
3328TGIF Management Club
770392Next Step Toastmasters Club
7265549Aruba Toastmasters
7985892Toastmasters In Motion
Area D6
Acting: Division D Director Cherry Sze (cherryszeyc@gmail.com)
5474SCUMBAT Club
685103MCA Toastmasters Club
1424963AMD Speak
6719263Panthers Toastmasters
7843404Extreme Networks Toastmasters