Divisions and Areas

A listing of all clubs by area and division.

District 101 is organized into six Divisions, each led by a Division Director. Each Division is organized into four to six Areas, each led by an Area Director. Each Area contains between four and six clubs.

Click on a Division to see the clubs and Areas it contains.

Division A Director Raghunadha Raju Raju (raghu.toastmaster@gmail.com)
Area A1
Area A1 Director Mairanna Jones Jones (marianna.jane.jones@gmail.com)
Area A2
Area A2 Director Solarzar Dellaporta (solarzar@gmail.com)
Area A3
Area A3 Director Dr Pamela McHenry (dr.pamela.mchenry@gmail.com)
Area A4
Area A4 Director Helen Josephine Josephine (hbjosephine@gmail.com)
Division B Director Kate Plant (kate@plantfamily.org)
Area B1
Area B1 Director Tam Le (tamwork@gmail.com)
Area B2
Area B2 Director Pooja Joshi (pooja.toastmaster@gmail.com)
Area B3
Area B3 Director Daniel Rachlin (djrachlin@gmail.com)
Area B4
Area B4 Director Padma Srinivas (padmabs@gmail.com)
Area B5
Area B5 Director Suresh Singh (sureshfremont@gmail.com)
Area B6
Area B6 Director Gopal Patil (gopal_patil@yahoo.com)
Division C Director Priya Shastri (priya.shastri@gmail.com)
Area C1
Area C1 Director Sneha Vedula (sneha.vedula@siliconandhra.org)
Area C2
Area C2 Director Nicholas Robanske (nicholas.robanske@intel.com)
Area C3
Area C3 Director Agilandeswari Kannan (Agilandeswari.kannan@kyndryl.com)
Area C4
Area C4 Director Bryan Li (lbyinchina@hotmail.com)
Area C5
Area C5 Director Venugopal Vadallapalli (venupec@gmail.com)
Area C6
Area C6 Director Ryan Brown (brown4944@gmail.com)
Division D Director Cherry Sze (cherryszeyc@gmail.com)
Area D1
Area D1 Director Valerie Bostrom (valerie.bostrom@gmail.com)
Area D2
Area D2 Director Tejas Pidkalwar (tejas.pidkalwar@gmail.com)
Area D3
Area D3 Director Poorva Desai (poorva.desai@isd.sccgov.org)
Area D4
Area D4 Director Ishwaki Thakkar (ishwaki.thakkar@intel.com)
Area D5
Area D5 Director Naman Gupta (namgup94@gmail.com)
Area D6
Area D6 Director Adharsh Srivats (adharshsrivats@gmail.com)
Division E Director Jaymol George (jaymol.toastmaster@gmail.com)
Area E1
Area E1 Director Rushikesh Ghatpande (rushikesh.ghatpande@gmail.com)
Area E2
Area E2 Director Ray Liu (Ray Liu )
Area E3
Area E3 Director Sonia Stauffer (Sonya.Stauffer@nomihealth.com)
Area E4
Area E4 Director Nagaraj G M (nagaraj1511@gmail.com)
Area E5
Area E5 Director Rovina Suri (rovinatoastmaster@gmail.com)
Area E6
Area E6 Director Charu Wadhavan (charu.wadhawan@gmail.com)
Division G Director Anna Garcia (Anna.Garcia@synopsys.com)
Area G1
Area G1 Director Carrie Glenn (carriedance@att.net)
Area G2
Area G2 Director Dhruv Thakkar (dhruv.thakkar@intel.com)
Area G3
Area G3 Director Randy Preston (rprestonscm@yahoo.com)
Area G4
Area G4 Director Jay Mojnidar (jay.mojnidar@gmail.com)
Area G5
Area G5 Director Robert Costa (robertcosta@hwy9.com)