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Toastmasters Leadership Institute!

July 20, 2024

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This year’s TLI is on July 20, 2024.

 Why should I attend?

This is the premier educational opportunity for both club officers and any Toastmasters member to come together to network, share ideas, and be inspired. It’s where club officers receive training on how to best serve their clubs, and all Toastmasters can expand their skills as communicators and leaders with additional educational sessions. 

Where & When

Saturday, July 20


525 Los Coches Street
Milpitas, CA 95035


 Complete Life Inventory – Identify How Awesome You Already Are

Parallel Session

This workshop shows you where you truly are. It shows you that you are at Basecamp for Everest, and you are not starting from scratch at sea level. You have so many skills, characteristics, connections, experiences, accomplishments, and healthy ways of being that it’s ridiculous that you think it’ll be hard to get your “Everest,” whatever that is for you at this time. By attending this workshop you’ll have a complete life inventory that you can use for a resume, bio, a dating profile, helpful connections, and (most importantly) feeling amazing about who you are as a person. Yes, with this workshop you will feel excited and empowered to take the steps forward in your life’s journey to be fulfilled and fueled by that amazing Joy, Ease, and Love, instead of that awful FOG (Fear, Obligation, and Guilt).

It’s great for people who:

  • Don’t know if they have what it takes to even attempt their dreams.
  • Are only aware of their accomplishments in certain areas of their life (like career) but don’t know that there’s more to who they are.
  • Want to create an amazing resume, bio, dating profile, etc.
  • Long to feel amazing by seeing themselves completely.
  • Feel like they have no one to assist them on their journey.

Presenter: Justin Wencke

July 20 at 10:15 am

Improv to Improve Your Confidence Speaking

Parallel Session

  • How often have you struggled with something to say when you’re put “on the spot”?
  • Have you ever frozen like “a deer in the headlights” when all eyes in the room were looking at you?

Improvisational theater (improv) skills build your confidence in your ability to speak up when it counts.

In this fun, interactive session you will experience easy improv exercises which improve your listening skills, creative thinking and ability to be “in the moment”. Come to the workshop to improve your communication skills and to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Presenter: Elaine Lung

July 20 at 10:15 am

Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success Deep Dive Break-out



In this lively interactive session, Janice will help you take a deep dive into the 3 key tools described in her Banish Burnout keynote. This will be hands-on and fun.

Presenter: Janice Litvin

July 20 at 12:30 pm


Keynote Address

Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success™


It has been well-documented that burnout is plaguing the American workforce to the tune of $2 trillion annually, according to Business Insider. In a recent Gallup report Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures, “employee burnout is a symptom of modern workplaces that are increasingly fast-paced, complex and demanding.”

The World Health Organization has recognized burnout as an illness, “an occupational syndrome caused by chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

The impact of all this stress is reduced retention, lower productivity, disengaged workers, and increased absenteeism.

For all these reasons, I developed the Banish Burnout program in order to help people at work develop the skills to manage their stress by changing their behavior. Of course, reacting to stressors is a normal human reaction, but often stressed out workers tend to overreact and stay that way for too long. It is the goal of this program to teach people how to interrupt their stressful thoughts and feelings and replace them with more rational behavior.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize signs of burnout so you can prevent it.
  • Learn to interrupt negative thoughts and replace them with positive messages.
  • Set healthy boundaries at work. Learn how to say no without saying no.


Presenter: Janice Litvin

July 20 at 9 am



Our Speakers

Jocelyn Tyson

Janice Litvin


Janice Litvin is an award-winning workplace wellness speaker and author of Banish Burnout Toolkit and Banish Organizational Burnout: 26 Tips for Managers. She is on a mission to help leaders and teams banish burnout in their organizations to retain top talent. She does this through keynotes, workshops and coaching groups. Her popular programs teach people how to change the way they react to stress from the inside out and her newest program teaches leaders how to prevent burnout from the top down.


What makes Janice unique is her 12 years in IT, 20 years as a technology recruiter, study of psychology, and a lifetime of working on her own stress management to become happier and healthier.


Janice is past president of National Speakers Association of Northern California and Las Juntas Toastmasters (D 57), and is a Recertification Provider for SHRM.


Janice keeps audiences engaged with humorous stories and audience interaction.

 Justin Wenck

Justin Wenck, Ph.D., is an accomplished electrical engineer and the visionary founder of E-motions Engineering. He expertly applies his deep understanding of complex systems to enhance the human experience. Beyond his technical expertise, Justin is the best-selling author of “Engineered to Love: Going Beyond Success to Fulfillment,” which offers readers a roadmap to integrating personal passions with professional ambitions.

Combining over a decade of high-tech industry expertise with advanced certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and yoga, Justin offers transformative personal and professional development coaching. His company, E-motions Engineering, empowers startups to scale with speed and ease to create human-centered technology.

His popular podcast, “Engineering Emotions and Energy,” extends his reach, providing listeners with practical tools to elevate, empower, and excel. Justin’s approach integrates his technical prowess with a passion for helping others discover joy and balance in their lives, making him a sought-after consultant and speaker dedicated to guiding clients towards both personal satisfaction and professional excellence.

Elaine Lung

Elaine Lung is a presentation skills expert who helps professionals stand up and speak up with confidence so that they can get the results they want. She has studied improv with the Bay Area improv schools: Comedy Sportz, BATS, and Made Up Theatre. She is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach and co-founder of the first San Francisco Bay Area Toastmasters club to specialize in improv skills, the Silicon Valley Improvmasters, where improv games are played at every meeting.

Her website is: ElaineLung.com





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