Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Join us twice a year (in July and January/February) for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). Officers can attend Club Officer Training (COT) during that session.


Club Officer Training, and seven Exceptional Sessions lined up for our Toastmaster Leaders in attendance.  Stay tuned in the coming days as we showcase them one by one!

Educational Sessions:

The Call of the Leader – Michael Notaro

Abstract: What leads the leader? The Call of the Leader will awaken your authentic, vibrant path to leadership influence. Whether you are a new leader or seasoned pro, this interactive session will help you find your leadership strength, overcoming fear and release self-imposed limitations.  You will learn to recognize, embrace and fulfill the call of the leader in your own life

Bio: Michael Notaro, is a lawyer, author and entrepreneur.  A native of Chicago, Illinois, USA, Michael attended the University of California at Berkeley where he majored in political economy, played on the water polo team and joined the CAL Bears Toastmasters Club in May of 1985.  As former US Congressional Intern, Michael is a practicing real estate attorney who founded his own commercial real estate company at 33 years of age. He is a member of four Toastmasters clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A resident of Alameda, California, USA, Michael served as Toastmasters International President during the 2011-2012 program year and is author of the recently released book “The Call of the Leader.”

Listen, Connect, & Communicate – Michael Chojnacki

Abstract: Listening is the expression of mindful presence. It allows us to connect and communicate on a higher level where we can create authentic relationships and connect to the heart of an audience.  Join Michael and discover the skills and techniques to create success in our relationships, clubs, and company culture. 

Bio: Michael Chojnacki is a professional speaker, coach, and a specialist in human dynamics. As a business professional and Aikido Sensei, he brings a unique perspective and effective techniques that help people make considerable breakthroughs in their personal and professional life.

Situational Leadership - Dave Spence

Abstract: What is the best leadership style? What if you don’t have it? Thankfully there is no single “best” leadership style. In this workshop we’ll discover that the best leadership style is the one that empowers our team to success and learn a simple way to adapt our style to spark that success.

Bio: Dave has been a Toastmaster for 13 years. He has held several club officer roles and is currently President of Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club. He was a District Officer for 5 years. His passion is to help fellow Toastmasters understand how the skills they practice every week in Toastmasters are transferable to every other area of their lives, enabling them be more effective at whatever it is they are really passionate about.

Journey of a Toastmaster - Tod Henry

Abstract: Do you want to improve your speaking and leadership skills? If so, you’re in the right place. Hear as one Toastmaster shares his journey to learn how to overcome your speaking fears, tell your story, and step up to leadership.

“Toastmasters has changed my life forever. Toastmasters has helped me in my community involvement, as well as my profession, as a Realtor, using the communication skills I’ve learned here.”

Bio: Tod Henry, in his nine years as a Toastmaster, has held almost every club officer role, and served five years as a district officer. He is currently a Regional Advisor, as appointed by TM President Lark Doley.  Tod’s mission is to “pay it forward” by helping others overcome speaking fears, tell their stories, be a positive influence and teach other by being an example.

How to Be a Base Camp Manager - Ken Braly

Abstract: Pathways has been active almost two years, and the job of the Base Camp Manager (usually the VP Education) has become more important. What do you need to know to do the job well? Come learn tips and techniques. (Preparation: for Pathways basics, see the webinar video

Bio: Ken Braly, first joined Toastmasters in the 70s in San Francisco. He has been one of our District’s Pathways Guides, introducing Pathways to ten clubs and serving as a resource to VPs of Education. In addition, he completed the Dynamic Leadership Path last fall and is now working on the Presentation Mastery Path. He’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pathways, and has some best practice ideas for getting the most from it.

Six for Six: Prescription for a Powerful Presentation - Rita Barber

Abstract: Interested in creating great content on the fly? Grow further as a presenter? This workshop covers Six Steps to create a Six Minute Powerful Presentation, including streamlining your message for greater impact. You’ll learn to define the essence of your message and deliver it dynamically. 

Bio: Everyone may speak, but not everyone feels confident sharing their thoughts. Award winning speaker Rita Barber works with individuals and groups alike towards building the speaking tools needed to help them develop the confidence needed for effective communication. An avid two-time Distinguished Toastmaster, Rita has served in countless leadership roles, including District 4 Governor in 2013/14, where the district completed the year Select Distinguished. In 2016, She was selected by Toastmasters International as the recipient of The Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award for her continuing work in promoting communication and leadership and her support and dedication to the organization.

The Power of Words to Empower Your Team - Parthiv Doshi


Abstract: Our Toastmasters experience provides a vehicle for us to develop as extraordinary speakers and leaders. We speak to share information, entertain and educate. What often gets overlooked is that every single time we speak we are influencing! –  how the words we convey can inspire and motivate those around us. Find strategies to use the power of words to build a more empowered and functioning team.

Bio: Parthiv is an accomplished speaker, mentor and coach. He has been in Toastmasters since 2007. His mission is to help lessen the suffering in this world by helping others become more empowered. He also serves as a mindfulness practitioner and meditation coach. He is passionate about health, wellness, volunteering and spiritual development.

Saturday July 13, 2019

*** EXTENDED Early Bird Pricing until JULY 8TH ***

TLI: 7:45 AM – 12:30 PM
7:45 AM: Registration and breakfast
8:30 AM: Program starts
12:30 PM: TLI adjourns and Leadership Luncheon begins

Leadership Luncheon: 12:15 PM – 3:30 PM

During the Leadership Luncheon, we will celebrate our outgoing District team and install the incoming leaders for District 101.
The awards for Club Officer of the Year, Area Director of the Year, Division Director of the Year, and District Toastmaster of the Year will be announced.

Biltmore Hotel & Suites
2151 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Questions? Contact:
TLI Chair, Anna Garcia
or Program Quality Director, Vaibhav Singh

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