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Bay Area Women Toastmasters Club

Time: Every Tuesday @ 7 pm PT

About the Club: Welcome to Bay Area Women Toastmasters Club, a community by women of the Bay Area for the women of the Bay Area, dedicated to improving public speaking and leadership skills. Whether you are an experienced or novice speaker, our club provides a supportive and empowering environment for growth and development.

Holistic Harmony

Time: Every Tuesday @ 8:30 am PT

About the Club: The Holistic Harmony Toastmasters Club is dedicated to fostering comprehensive well-being by emphasizing emotional, mental, physical, social, and intellectual harmony. In our meetings, we go beyond traditional Toastmasters teachings, incorporating elements that promote a holistic approach to personal development. Members engage in exercises that enhance emotional intelligence, sharpen mental acuity, promote physical wellness, nurture social connections, and stimulate intellectual growth. By embracing the concept of holistic harmony, our club offers a unique space where individuals can not only refine their communication and leadership skills but also cultivate a balanced and thriving life across all facets of their well-being.

Ai Articulators

Time: Every Friday @ 6 PM PT

About the Club: The AI Articulators Toastmasters Club, not only dedicated to honing communication and leadership skills, is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence evolution. Members actively engage in tracking and discussing the latest developments and updates in AI, enriching their knowledge base. By seamlessly integrating advancements in technology, the club ensures its members stay abreast of the cutting edge in AI, fostering a unique environment that combines traditional Toastmasters values with the forefront of technological progress. This dual focus on communication skills and AI expertise positions the AI Articulators Toastmasters Club as an innovative hub for individuals seeking growth in both communication proficiency and AI awareness.

Simply Saying Toastmasters

Time: Every Wednesday @ 6 pm PT

About the Club: A toastmasters club where you develop skills to simplify a complex topic. In this toastmasters club, you learn skills on how to use examples, analogies and stories to explain complex ideas. In addition to the delivery of  speech, we stress on the tools and techniques behind the story telling aspect of a presentation. This skillset can help you in various situations, whether you’re in product marketing, aiming to improve workplace communication, or just interested in expanding your scientific literacy.

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