Find and Visit a Club

Explore New Opportunities

The best way to learn more about Toastmasters is to visit a club — and if you’re already a member, visiting another club helps you expand and enhance your Toastmasters experience.

Club List by City

Find a club near where you live or work (for when “normal” returns).

Club Ambassador Program

Visit a club to share your experiences and learn new ideas to bring back to your own club.

Finding the Right Club for You

Every club has its own culture and personality, but all are welcoming. District 101 serves members from Mountain View to Monterey. Visit several clubs in your preferred area, day, and time to find the best fit for you.

As you explore the many clubs in District 101, please note that some clubs are open to anyone (“community clubs”), while others may be limited to only employees of that company.

Because clubs occasionally need to cancel or reschedule a meeting, It’s a good idea to let the club know that you’re coming and confirm the meeting information.

Specialty and Advanced Clubs

For people looking for a more advanced or specialized experience (such as clubs that hold their meetings in a different language or clubs that focus on a specific area or activity), District 101 also has several advanced and specialty clubs that offer members a variety of unique experiences.

Clubs Outside the South Bay

If you’re looking for a club farther up the peninsula (Palo Alto to San Francisco), check out District 4 Toastmasters.

If you’re looking for a club in the East Bay or even farther north (including wine country and stretching up to the Oregon border), visit District 57 Toastmasters.

If you’re looking to visit a club anywhere else in the world, Toastmasters International has a convenient Find a Club tool that will help you find clubs wherever in the world you might be. And if you’re a traveling Toastmaster, it’s always fun to see how clubs differ around the world.