GREAT Events

Watch this space for free GREAT Events throughout the year. Events include webinars and workshops on communication and leadership topics.

Planning and putting together an event is a great way to learn and practice many new skills. If you’d like to try this out with an event for the District, please reach out to the District 101 Events Chair, Mythili Prabhu, DTM, PDD at

GREAT Event – Getting the Most Out of Pathways

Presented by Program Quality Director, Shyamala Sista, DTM

Pathways was designed to teach and provide the opportunity to practice and develop critical communication and leadership skills. Unfortunately, many members simply skim the wealth of material provided. While they might give a great speech, they have missed out on the learning opportunity the program provides. In this presentation, you will learn the value and how to get the most out of each of the components that make up a Pathways assignment. Additionally, you will learn how to apply each of an assignment’s components to develop personally and professionally. As well as being for members who are just starting their Pathways journey, this presentation is also designed to meet the needs of those already in the program.

Join us on September 16, 2020 at 6 PM.
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Past GREAT Events

GREAT Event – Train the Trainer

Being an effective workshop facilitator is quite different from being an effective speaker. In this fast-paced workshop, DTM and PDG Rita Barber and DTM and PDD Mythili Prabhu will share best practices to add to your communications toolkit, whether you know nothing about training or want to brush-up on your skills. The tools you’ll learn in this session will be invaluable to you at work and in Toastmasters!

Join us on September 9, 2020 at 6 PM.
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