Why Pathways?

Everyone joins Toastmasters with a purpose and a goal set in their minds.  That purpose could be personal growth, gain confidence, get better at presentations, grow leadership muscle, advance in career or networking etc.  Pathways provides a guided path to make stepwise progress and track your purpose and goal.  When you track your progress, you naturally become more purposeful and feel accomplished.  Here is an analogy to create parallels for pathways for Toastmasters.  Registering in Pathways and picking a path is like picking  a folded map at the beginning of a hike in a new and never tried before trail.  The map is a guide on how to complete the trail, which landmarks to look out for finishing the hike successfully.   Similar to that, your purpose, reason or goal of joining Toastmasters is your hiking trail, your chosen path is the trail map and completing levels in pathways are checkposts and landmarks that provide satisfaction and visibility into how far or long you have to hike to finish the trail and celebrate your accomplishments!

How do I know what path to choose?

Every path gives you a great overview of what it covers.  Your chosen path depends on your area that you have identified for your own personal growth.  Here is the list of paths.  A small questionnaire  if answered, at the beginning will help you determine which paths might best suit your needs.

Who can help me more if I have questions on Pathways?

Your club VPEs are your first level of support for any pathways related questions.  In addition to that, District 101 has created a “Pathways Ambassador” program..  We have a team of experts who can help answer your questions and guide you through nuances of pathways.  Please contact Raji Bandanapudi, Pathways Ambassador Program Chair, for more details on scheduling a visit to your club.

Who approves the Pathways level once completed?

Club VPE is the main officer who approves the level completion in pathways.  In situations when VPE is unable to, Club President and Secretary can also approve the level completion.

What resources are there for me to learn more about pathways?
Education Awards since July 1 2021 - Educational Awards

Pathways Ambassador Program Details

Program Chair – Raji Bandanapudi

Program Objective

The “Pathways Ambassador ” Program, is designed to help clubs adopt the educational program of Toastmasters with ease and effectiveness.As a part of this programs, one of the Pathways Ambassador will work with the VPE of the club to schedule an interactive session going over minute details of Pathways, its objectives, path selection and competencies benefiting both new and old members. This session will be followed by a question and answers section where the Pathways Ambassador will address any questions. After each session the team will work with the club to help with Pathways enrollment and assist to ensure members can make progress on their educational journeys seamlessly.

Become a Pathways Ambassador

Becoming a pathways ambassador opens the door for completing any of the following projects for your own progress. Join the team for the opportunity to complete any of the following projects.

1. Persuasive Speaking : Level 3
2. Connect with your Audience : Level 3
3. Creating effective Visual Aids : Level 3
4. Inspire your Audience : Level 3
5. Researching and Presenting : Level 3
6. Using Presentation Software : Level 3
7. Motivate others : Level 4
8. Questions and Answer session : Level 4
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