PR Resources

Tools and Tips for Promoting Your Club

Public Relations can be an effective tool for letting people know about Toastmasters, for generating excitement about your club, and for attracting guests to visit your club.

Check out the many resources available for all clubs in our district.

D101 Social Media

Check out District 101’s social media channels, which you can leverage or use for ideas.

Social Media Video Tutorials

Learn how to post events on social media platforms to attract new guests.

Why is Public Relations important for Clubs?

Every member is a PR ambassador for Toastmasters

Public Relations is not just the job of a club’s Vice President Public Relations (VPPR). Most members find out about our organization through word of mouth, and PR activities should enable every member to share their experiences.

PR should be fun – to create and to receive

What motivates a person to come to a meeting? They want to learn in a supportive — and enjoyable — environment. PR activities for your clubs should reflect that you are vibrant and active and creative.

Everyone can learn PR tools to use inside and outside of Toastmasters

There are many social media platforms and communication skills that you can learn and use — to promote your club, your own brand, and your organization outside of Toastmasters.

PR Resources from District 101

From website tips to sample flyers, there is a wide variety of tools available to help clubs engage with members, promote events, and attract guests. Click the button below for more details.

PR Resources from Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International provides a number of PR resources for members and clubs, including a brochure describing PR tips and techniques, numerous templates, and a branding portals with graphics and assets for you to use.