District Programs

Earn District Credit and other rewards for participating.



June 2022 – August 2022 Training Period

Join the Lucky 7 and earn $50 in District Credit by having all seven Club Officers attend Club Officer Training in the June-August period.

Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Abhijeet Joshi, at quality@d101tm.org.




Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Abhijeet Joshi, at quality@d101tm.org.


Be a hero and start a new club to share the superpowers that Toastmasters gives us with others. Just bring your new club idea to us and we will help you make it happen. Contact our Club Extension Chairs, Rita Barber and Pushyak Kalkunte at NewClub@d101tm.org with your ideas and/or questions.

Special rewards for all our heroes!

Keep checking d101tm.org for the reward reveal.


Pitch your club and win a trophy!
Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Abhijeet Joshi, at quality@d101tm.org.



To earn the District Credit for holding an Open House, clubs must:

  • Submit a publicity flyer or graphic using this Open House Planning Submission Form at least one week before the Open House
  • Submit additional information about your event using this Open House Final Submission Formno later than a week after the club Open House event. For example, the deadline for submission is November 7th for an Open House held on October 31st. Additional information include:
    • A photo or two from the meeting
    • The meeting agenda from your Open House event

Visit the Open House Resources page for tips and resources for planning a successful Open House. Visit the PR Corner page for tips, examples and resources to promote your club.

Earn district credit for planning and conducting an Open House and adding new members to your club!

  • Earn $20 in district credits for planning and conducting an Open House from August 1 to October 31
  • Add 3+ members from August 1 to October 31 to earn $30 in district credits
  • Add 5+ members from August 1 to October 31 to earn additional $30 in district credits


Earn an additional $25 in district credit as the club with the Top Open House in the district. Top Open House club will also earn a shout out at the District’s Annual Conference. Criteria for this competition is sum of:

  • Number of guests
  • Number of new members within 30 days of the open house
  • Number of PR strategies employed (Social media sites, promotions, etc)
  • Number of likes or share on social media posts promoting the event


Email openhouse@d101tm.org to submit your entries with subject line:
Top Open House 2022<Club Name> to qualify


  • All Dual/New/Reinstated members added between August 1 and October 31 qualify
  • Clubs are encouraged to hold an Open House in order to receive District Credits
  • If a club has an anniversary in August or September, the club can opt to either receive District Credit via the Open House ChallengeOR District Credit via the Amazing Anniversary Extravaganza Program for conducting an open house in those months, but not both. The club may participate in both open house programs by planning and conducting two separate open houses that meet requirements for both programs. Clubs can claim only 1 of the membership awards for new/dual/reinstated members added before October 31st.
  • Submitting the PR flyer also serves as a request to post the event on the District Meetup site; however, the flyer must be submitted at least 5 days before the open house to be posted on Meetup

Questions? Contact our Open House Coordinator at openhouse@d101tm.org


Continuous improvement is a key aspect of Toastmasters program. Renewing your membership on time will help pursue your growth steadily. Yes, the season for renewals is on. Steer your campaign to renew your membership upfront and earn rewards.

Renew 75% of your club’s base membership by September 15th and receive $75 in District Credit; renew 100% and receive $100 in District Credit.

Click HERE to find your Club’s base membership.

Questions? Contact our Membership Renewals Chair at renewals@d101tm.org.


Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Abhijeet Joshi, at quality@d101tm.org.