District Programs

Lucky 7



Join the Lucky 7 and earn $50 in District Credit by having all seven Club Officers attend Club Officer Training in the June-August period.

Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Vaibhav Singh, at quality@d101tm.org

Amazing Anniversary Extravaganza




Celebrate your club’s anniversary with an Open House!

  • Win an Amazing Gift Basket of goodies for planning and conducting an Open House during the month of your club’s anniversary.
  • Earn extra surprises when you do each of the following:
    1. Submit one or more photos from your Open House event.
    2. Share the top 2 ways guests learned about the meeting.
    3. Add 3+ members within one month of your Open House.

The Amazing Gift Basket is valued up to $100 for planning and conducting an Amazing Anniversary Extravaganza and adding new members to your club!



  • All members added within one month of your Open House qualify.


To win an Amazing Gift Basket for holding an Open House, clubs must submit the following information using this Amazing Open House Planning Submission Form before the Open House takes place.

  • A publicity flyer or graphic promoting the event.
  • List 3 meeting practices your club implements or plans to implement.


To earn additional items in the Amazing Gift Basket, submit additional information about your event using this Amazing Open House Final Submission Form no later than a week after the club Open House event. For example, the deadline to submit photos is October 7th for an Open House held on September 30th. Additional information include:

  • A photo or two from the meeting (including one showing something special your club did especially for your anniversary celebration).
  • The top 2 PR methods that attracted guests to your Amazing Anniversary Extravaganza.


Visit the Open House Resources page for tips and resources for planning a successful Open House. Visit the PR Corner page for tips, examples and resources to promote your club.


Questions? Contact our Open House Chair, Faye Yang, at openhouse@d101tm.org

Early Achievers




Clubs receive $101 in District Credit if they achieve 5+ DCP goals by October 31st!


Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Vaibhav Singh, at quality@d101tm.org