District Programs

Lucky 7


Get a strong start to your Toastmasters year and become Lucky 7!

Join the Lucky 7 and earn $50 in District Credit by having all seven Club Officers attend Club Officer Training in the June-August period.

Congratulations to Almaden Valley Orators Club, Aptos Club, Big Basin Toastmasters, Cupertino Toastmasters, Excalibur Toastmasters Club, Fair Oaks Club, Great America Speakers, Lumentum Toastmasters Club, Macintalkers Club, North Valley Toastmasters, nSpeak, Optical Orators, Saratoga Toastmasters Club, SCUMBAT Club, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters, Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters), Silicon Valley Storytellers, Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club, TGIF Management Club, Toastmasters Insiders Club, Willow Glen Toastmasters, and Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club for earning $50 in District Credit and joining the Lucky 7.

Training data was last updated on 08/17/2018.

Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Pavan Datla, at quality@d101tm.org

Stellar September


  • Renew 75% of base membership by Sept. 15th & receive $50 in District Credit
  • Renew 90% of base membership by Sept. 15th & receive $75 in District Credit
  • Gold Clubs: Renew 100% of base membership by Sept. 15th & receive $101 in District Credit

Questions? Contact our Club Growth Director, LoAn Nguyen, at growth@d101tm.org


Re-energize your club with an Open House Challenge in the New Toastmasters Year!

  • Clubs earn $20 in District Credit for holding an Open House between September 1st and September 30th
  • Clubs earn $20 in District Credit for adding 3+ members AND renewing their membership through March 2019
  • Clubs earn an additional $20 in District Credit for adding 5+ members AND renewing their membership through March 2019

Clubs can earn a total of up to $60 in District Credit with this Open House Challenge.


  • All new members must be added between September 1st and October 31st.
  • New membership fees must be paid through March 2019 to Toastmasters International.
  • Open House Challenge ends October 31st.

To earn District Credit for holding an Open House, clubs must:

  • Email a copy of the publicity flyer or web page for the Open House to pr@d101tm.orgAND openhouse@d101tm.org before the Open House.
  • Email a photo of the meeting and a photo of the agenda and guest sign-in sheet to pr@d101tm.orgAND openhouse@d101tm.org no later than a week after the club Open House event. For example, the deadline to submit photos is October 5th for an open house held on September 28th.

To earn District Credit for adding new members, clubs must:

  • Email a screenshot from Club Central to openhouse@d101tm.org showing the new members with a “join date” before October 31st and expiration of March 31st

Note: Clubs do not have to hold an Open House to earn District Credit for adding new members.


Questions? Contact Open House Coordinator, Chandana Kalluri, by emailing openhouse@d101tm.org.

Early Achiever


  • Clubs receive $101 in District Credit if they achieve 5+ DCP goals by Oct 31st

Questions? Contact our Program Quality Director, Pavan Datla, at quality@d101tm.org

Club Leads Program


Do you have an idea to start a new club?
Do you work in a company that could benefit from a Toastmasters club?

Make it happen!
Club Lead Program
July 2018 – February 2019

Benefits include:

  • An opportunity for members to complete a portion of the DTM requirements
  • HPL project credit – District will provide HPL manuals
  • Earn $50 in TI Gift Certificates
  • Receive special recognition at the July 2019 Leadership Luncheon if the new club charters by June 30th!

Questions? Contact our Club Growth Director, LoAn Nguyen, at growth@d101tm.org.