Destination 101

Back by popular demand. Our popular podcast returns! 


Destination 101 Podcast

Take a ride with us down Highway 101 to hear from District 101 Toastmasters spanning from Santa Clara County to Monterey County, clustering along Highway 101 in California.

In Seasons 1 and 2, we focused on District 101 news, tips, and events, short versions, or “pitstop editions,” covering speaking, communication, and even a few technology tips. 

In Season 3, we are opening to topics of importance to all Toastmasters and how to apply those skills in the real world. Our Learning Lab will start with personal leadership, evaluations, membership, pocket speeches, passion, attitude, and people-smart skills.

Season 3 with host Solarzar Dellaporta

Episode S3.03: Integrity, Respect and Who We Are

Solarzar Dellaporta, DTM, producer, and host, shares insights on how the Toastmasters Core Values are sometimes overlooked in our desire to complete a particular Toastmasters task. Solarzar shares personal experiences when Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence were not applied in trying to achieve an outcome. We can choose the type of Role Model we want to be and to be the best of who we are. (Runtime: 12:45 min)
About Solarzar

About Solarzar

Solarzar is a 28-year Toastmaster with 11 years of radio and podcast experience. He will share ideas to guide us to reach beyond during our Toastmasters journey.

Season 2

Episode S2.07: Should I Sit…or Stand? (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on whether to sit or stand during a presentation, especially a virtual presentation. Join host Birgit Starmanns to hear what you may want to consider when deciding to sit or stand! (Runtime: 5:18)

Episode S2.06: Audience Participation (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on techniques for audience participation, and to involve your audience in your presentations. Join host Birgit Starmanns to hear about tips you can use for both live and online audience interactions! (Runtime: 5:22)

Episode S2.05: Tips for Toasting (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on tips for toasting! Yes, Toastmasters can help you with tips on how to toast your friends and colleagues, especially now that we are in the holiday season. Join host Birgit Starmanns to find out! (Runtime: 5:29)

Episode S2.04: Hybrid Meeting Considerations (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on things to think about as you prepare to move from an exclusively virtual meeting environment to taking the next step to being in-person again – through hybrid meetings. Should you stay virtual? Should you go hybrid? And what should you consider and investigate before going hybrid? Join host Birgit Starmanns to find out! (Runtime: 6:49)

Episode S2.03: Zoom Backgrounds (pitstop edition)

Continuing our new short format, this “pitstop edition” focuses on quick tips and tricks for Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike; listen in as host Birgit Starmanns discusses Zoom backgrounds, from the real to the virtual, and some creative ways in which Zoom backgrounds can be used. (Runtime: 6:34)

Episode S2.02: Eye Contact in Zoom (pitstop edition)

In a new short format, the “pitstop editions” will focus on quick tips and tricks for Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike. Listen in as host Birgit Starmanns discusses ways in which you can improve your eye contact in Zoom meetings, and ways to practice and self-evaluate. (Runtime: 5:10)

Episode S2.01: Be a 101% Toastmaster

Birgit Starmanns, DTM, producer and host, welcomes Ashley Gonzales, who is part of the Club Growth Team in Toastmasters District 101. We discuss why members may want to start a new club and the benefits they can gain by doing so. Ashley also introduces the new 101% Toastmaster program that will provide members with assistance in creating new clubs. (Runtime: 16:25)