30,000 Members!

That’s how many members participate in speech contests all around the world in Toastmasters.

Participating in Speech Contests provides you with an opportunity to grow as a communicator by challenging you to step up every aspect of your skills. It gives you an opportunity to hone your speaking skills to a greater degree and receive recognition in front of new audiences beyond your club. It’s also a chance to introduce new people to Toastmasters, hold a special event for your club, and develop organizational skills along the way.

District 101 offers two different speech contests for our members during 2019-20. Club contests should be conducted at the club level in February. The Club winners advance to the Area contests, Area winners to the Division contests, and Division winners compete at the District 101 contests during the Annual Conference. The winner of the International Speech contest at the District level will have their recorded speech judged at the Quarterfinals. Those winners will advance to give their speech live for the Semifinals at the Toastmasters International Convention in August.

Challenge yourself and others in your club and participate in the speech and evaluation contests. You’ll be glad you did!

2020 Contests

Tall Tales

Contestants present a three-to-five minute speech on a topic that is highly-exaggerated and improbable in theme or plot.

International Speech

Contestants present a five-to-seven minute speech on any subject they choose. The International Speech contest has three levels of competition beyond the District Contest: the Quarterfinals (video record of the District speech), the Semifinals and the World Championship of Public Speaking®, the latter of which occur at the Toastmasters International Convention.

District 101 Contest Finals

The District 101 Evaluation and International Speech Contest Finals was held on May 18, 2019 at the District 101 Annual Conference.

Recent winners:

2019 Janet Hebert, Almaden Valley Orators Club
2019 Elaine Lung, Silicon Valley Storytellers

Past winners

Area and Division Contest Schedule

Division A
Division ATBA 
Area A1TBA 
Area A2TBA 
Area A3TBA 
Area A4TBA 
Area A5TBA 
Division B
Division BTBA 
Area B1TBA 
Area B2TBA 
Area B3TBA 
Area B4TBA 
Area B5TBA 
Division C
Division CTBA 
Area C1TBA 
Area C2TBA 
Area C3TBA 
Area C4TBA 
Area C5 Contest
More Information | Register
March 4
280 Innovation Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Area C6TBA 
Division D
Division DTBA 
Area D1TBA 
Area D2TBA 
Area D3TBA 
Area D4TBA 
Area D5TBA 
Division E
Division ETBA 
Area E1TBA 
Area E2TBA 
Area E3TBA 
Area E4TBA 
Area E5TBA 
Area E6TBA 
Division G
Division GTBA 
Area G1TBA 
Area G2TBA 
Area G3TBA 
Area G4TBA 
Area G5TBA 

Other Possible Contests


Contestants observe a five-to-seven minute “test speech” and then present a two-to-three minute evaluation of that test speech.


Contestants present a humorous speech that must be thematic in nature (opening, body, and closing), not a monologue (series of one-liners).

Table Topics

Contestants give a one-to-two minute impromptu speech based on a topic given to them when the contest chair introduces them. All contestants receive the same topic.