Contest Resources

Speech Contests up to the District level are ONLINE for Spring 2024.

Click here for the Area and Division contest schedule.

You may already have had experience with traditional, on-site contests, but online speech contests require adapting what we already know into processes and procedures more suited to a more technical virtual environment. Whether you are a Contest Chair, Club Officer, contest participant, or an Area or Division Director looking for guidance, these resources will help you plan and hold a contest at any level.


Checklists & Forms

These planning checklists help ensure that all necessary items are covered during the contest and pre-contest briefings.

Contest Chair Checklist for Online: a guide to assist the Contest Chair or VPE in planning the contest and organizing the team. It includes contest roles, tech tips, an overview of the pre-contest briefings and contest day, and sample program agenda.

Contestant Briefing Checklists for Online: pre-contest checklists the Toastmaster uses to brief contestants about the contests.

Chief Judge Briefing Checklists for Online: pre-contest checklists the Chief Judge uses to brief voting judges, tiebreaker judges, timers, ballot counters, and SAA.

Contest Slides & Awards

How to Run a Successful Online Contest (TLI, January 30, 2021)


Scripts provide step-by-step direction and speech content for each of the contest officials identified in the contest program―the Sergeant at Arms, Contest Chair, Toastmaster, Chief Judge, Timer, and others. These may be modified as long as the contest rules, speaker introductions, and timing in the script adhere to the Speech Contest Rulebook.

Zoom Resources 

Zoom Contest Tips
Timer Zoom Backgrounds
Zoom Security Best Practices

Speech Contest Kits

Toastmasters International provides the documents, for purchase or free download, that you need to hold a speech contest at any level.

Speech Contest Rulebook: the official document that governs speech contests in Toastmasters.

Rulebook Changes: what changed from the 2021-2022 rulebook.


Speech Contest FAQs

Additional Resources

Speech Contest Tutorials: three video lessons explaining the fundamental principles of speech contests.

Conduct Quality Speech Contests (for area and division directors)

Video Recording Guidelines

Best Practices for Online Speech Contests

How to Appear Your Best While Delivering an Online Speech