Zoom Security Best Practices


In online meeting mode, it’s critical to ensure that every member and sincere guest in Toastmasters meeting has a safe environment to learn and grow. The following simple best practices can go a long way to make our meetings safe from unwanted intruders and ‘Zoom Bombing’.

Must Haves for a Safe Online Zoom Meeting
  • Meeting links/IDs shall never be public. DO NOT share the meeting link/id on any social media.
    • Any potential guest shall contact the club, express interest in attending and the club officer can provide the link after the initial contact.
  • Use Settings to allow only hosts to share the screen / whiteboard sharing.
    • Any request for sharing/presentation should be made ahead of time. The meeting host can easily assign the designated person as co-host to allow screen sharing only for the duration required.
      • Co-host permission should be removed once duration is finished
  • Please do not use the regular meeting link for outward facing events such as Open House and Workshops. Instead, create a new zoom meeting link with registration enabled to avoid any surprise visits from unwanted attendees. 
  • Regular Weekly Meetings
    • Should have the Waiting Room enabled.
    • Required to have a passcode.
  • Should have “Join Before Host” disabled. SAA or the designated member should login before to start the meeting.
  • Other than the Host, who opens the room, designate one more officer/member as a Co-Host and the Toastmaster of the day as a Co-Host at a minimum. The Host is responsible for booting unwanted visitors.
Good to Haves

File Transfer lets you limit posting of files to none or to certain types (.pdf, etc.).

Reporting Incidents

Please report any Zoom Bombing/Unpleasant disruption, abusive behavior: