Club Ambassador Program

Are you an explorer?

Are you curious as to how the other clubs function? What is an advanced club? What is an Improv club? What is a breakfast club?

The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) is a District 101 initiative to encourage, recognize and share best practices. By signing up to be a Club Ambassador, you are taking on your first challenge!

Being a Club Ambassador is easy and fun!

In the pipeline this year, are several exciting new initiatives as part of the CAP. These initiatives are designed to encourage participation, gather consistent data and recognize all Ambassadors who have stepped up to the challenge.

Ready to be an EXPLORER? contact the CAP Director,

Here are our explorers and number of club visits!

Kelley Nielsen

Lillian Hull

David Singer

Gayathri Natarajan

Yulia Dudyak

Daniel van Doorn

Snehal Bhaidasna

December Martin

Lorraine Jackson

Zonker Harris

Brad Jacobs

Pavel Simek

Sriraj Vaidyanathan

Johnny Tran

Christine Mamuad

Vinay Agarwala

Parthiv Doshi

Odette Nassar