Club Ambassador Program

The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) encourages visits to other clubs in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience. It also recognizes the best practices reported across the district and awards the club visited the most for its hospitality throughout the year.


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The Ambassador with the most reports submitted for District 101 club visits made between May 20th and June 30th will earn Free Entry to the July 14th Leadership Luncheon!

Visit reports must be submitted by July 7 to qualify for the incentive.

29 total visits to District 101 clubs since May 20:
David Benjamin (8), Andrew Le (6), Lori Bradshaw (4), Jenny Liu (3), Lorraine Myers (3), Gergana Angelova (1), Becky Divinski (1), Daniel Handjojo (1), Lakshmi Jagannathan (1), Kelley Nielsen (1)

244 total visits to all clubs since July 1, 2017:
David Benjamin (50), Jenny Liu (34), Gergana Angelova (21), Hla Min (14), Henry Miller (13), Megan Mayer (10), Satish Shenoy (10), M Kathryn Tobisch (10), Lakshmi Jagannathan (9), Lorraine Myers (8), Kristian Crump (7), Anna Garcia (6), Andrew Le (6), Huseyin Karaarslan (5), Kelley Nielsen (5), Lori Bradshaw (4), Elaine Lung (4), Doris Tse (4), Lisa Bennett (3), David Mauro (2), Mythili Prabhu (2), Vinod Prabhu Nagarajan (2), Marylou Avanzino (1), Jagat Banerjee (1), Lejla Cizmic (1), Becky Divinski (1), Parthiv Doshi (1), Mayank Gupta (1), Daniel Handjojo (1), Sathia Kannan (1), Kate Kelley (1), Paula Mudge (1), Anthony Tran (1), Michael Trotter (1), Faye Yang (1), Sharon Zimmerman (1), Daniel van Doorn (1)

Information current as of June 17, 2018.

Thanks to all ambassadors!

Leaders for the “Most Visited Club” bragging rights and the $25 Hospitality Award

11 visits: VentriTalks

9 visits: Santa Clara Sweet Talkers

7 visits: MoToast

6 visits: Adlibmasters Club, Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club

5 visits: Cupertino Toastmasters, Excalibur Toastmasters, First Street Speakers, G-E-M Club, Macintalkers, Naval Postgraduate School Club, Samsung Speaks

4 visits: City Shakers, Interconnected (Equinix), Jade Toastmasters, Redwoods Ramblers, Silicon Valley Improvmasters, Toasters R Us, Wharton Quakemasters

3 visits: Fair Oaks Toastmasters, JetStream Toastmasters, Mountain View Mandarin-English Toastmasters, Santa Clara Toastmasters (SCUMBAT), Saratoga Toastmasters, Silver Tongue Cats

2 visits: Almaden Valley Orators Club, Big Basin TMs, Flying Toasters, Great America Speakers, Intuitively Speaking, KT Talkers Toastmasters, Laser Sharp Speakers, Look Who's Talking, Los Gatos Toastmasters, MIIS Toastmasters, Monterey Penninusla Toastmasters, North Valley Toastmasters, Orbiters, Orchard Orators, Pajaro Valley, Panthers Toastmasters, Peninsula Pro's, SaVy Toastmasters, San Jose Toastmasters, Silicon Valley Mandarin English Toastmasters, Silicon Valley Storytellers, SpeakEasy Club, Stryker Toastmasters, Talking Chips, Tandem Toastmasters

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Recent Insights

  • All members greeted each other and said good bye (Ventritalks)
  • GE is introduced at the start of the meeting to go over the functionary roles and introduce the evaluators too (City Shakers)
  • Welcoming atmosphere towards guests and members (City Shakers, Ventritalks, First street speakers..,)

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Who can become a Club Ambassador?

Any member in good standing, including Area and Division Directors.


What will YOU gain?

  • New ideas to bring back to and rejuvenate your home club
  • Confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience.
  • The satisfaction of helping in a meeting function
  • Recognition of your adventurous spirit while building our district inside out
  • New contacts and meaningful connections to promote your growth!


What will the visited CLUB gain?

  • New ideas from the ambassador
  • The ambassador may be interested in a dual membership into the visited club
  • More knowledge and confidence for the existing club members
  • The club visited the most will receive the District 101 Hospitality Award ($25 in TI Gift Certificates)
  • Advertise at your club pages that you are welcoming Club Ambassadors!


How will YOU be recognized?

  • Gain experience for becoming a club coach, mentor or a club sponsor in the future
  • All Ambassadors who submit reports between May 20th and June 30th receive a Certificate and recognition at the July 14th Leadership Luncheon
  • Submit 5 or more diligent Ambassador reports to receive an additional token of appreciation at the Leadership Luncheon
  • Submit the most number of insightful Club Ambassador reports between May 20th and June 30th to earn a Free Entry to the Leadership Luncheon!

The greatest reward for everyone is the experience!

Ready to be an Ambassador?

Find a club

Before you go:

  • Pick any club you haven’t visited. Area and Division directors can participate by visiting clubs outside of their area or division
  • Contact the club to confirm it is meeting on the published date/time/location. Offer to be assigned a role or to be a guest speaker and included in the meeting agenda
  • Visit the club during a regular meeting
  • Announce yourself as an Ambassador, promote the CAP, its benefits and encourage others to follow
  • Observe the meeting details, participate and take notes
  • Take pictures, too (optional)

Submit a report

After your visit:

  • Submit your report as soon as possible after your visit (the same day is best)
  • List the observed best practices, areas of improvements and what you would implement in your own club.
  • If you’ve taken pictures, send them to
  • Visit more clubs! Get rewarded for your service! Above all, have fun exploring!

Growth comes from the quality of the experience! Start today!

Submit reports for visits between May 20 and June 30 to earn recognition and more at the July 14th Leadership Luncheon! Reports must be submitted by July 7.


Contact Gergana Angelova, Club Ambassador Program Director 2017-2018, at