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Welcome to District 101 Toastmasters!

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District 101 opened its doors on July 1, 2016 to serve the area from Mountain View to King City, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties and most of Santa Clara county – we call it “Silicon to Surf”.

Message from the District Director

Experience the Value badgeValue is the most important benefit we can offer our members, and it’s our members that make Toastmasters so valuable. It’s unique among communication and leadership development organizations because we’re all members, working together to help each other grow and become more self-confident.

This year our District theme is experience the value. Experience is both a verb and a noun. It’s when we get involved (experience as a verb) that we benefit and thrive (experience as a noun). As the skills and self-confidence we gain from being a Toastmaster begin to impact everything we do, after a while we also come to value the experience of being a Toastmaster. My hope for our District this year is that every member will get involved in a new way, and experience the value that results from stretching ourselves and learning something new.

We all joined Toastmasters for different reasons, but as we journey together as a community of learners, encouraging others to dream, we discover that we’ve flourished ourselves. On this journey, we create opportunities for others to experience the value that Toastmasters has to offer and we discover that as we do, we also experience the value ourselves.

Dave Spence, District Director

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 22, 2017 3:31pm

District 101 Leaders who went above and beyond to lead their Division, Area, or Club were recognized at today’s Leadership Luncheon! Congratulations to Club Officer of the Year Anahid Avakian Gregg from MoToast, Area Director of the Year Lydia Lee, and Division Director of the Year Aditi Vijaykumar! As Aditi said, success is not without great mentors and team members.

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 22, 2017 1:18pm

Past International President and DTM Michael Notaro is sharing ideas on how to attract and retain members at today’s TLI. A few things to keep in mind: keep meetings fun, maintain a friendly atmosphere, and recognize members often.

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 22, 2017 1:06pm

District 101’s new leadership team is learning how to best support our clubs and members so everyone can Experience the Value of Toastmasters!

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 21, 2017 12:34pm

We are entering the Evaluation Contest season soon! Do you want to learn how to craft and deliver an effective and motivating evaluation? Join 2-time District Evaluation Contest Champion Kristian Crump, ACG, CL at the July 22nd TLI to learn The Art of Evaluation! Register now to attend! https://d101tm.wufoo.com/forms/potmt9z1lhmkwk

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 20, 2017 10:00am

Can’t make the Club Officer Training at the July 22nd TLI? Register TODAY for the July 25th COT in Salinas at discount rates! https://d101tm.wufoo.com/forms/xc70jbr1tbcsny
Check out the rest of the training schedule at: http://d101tm.org/training

District 101 Toastmasters

District 101 ToastmastersJuly 19, 2017 10:00am

Learn how to strengthen your stories and messages with two interactive storytelling sessions by Rita Deo Barber and Elaine Lung at the July 22nd TLI! Take home tips that you can apply right away when working on your next speech! Register now to attend. https://d101tm.wufoo.com/forms/potmt9z1lhmkwk