Divisions and Areas

District 101 is organized into six Divisions, each led by a Division Director. Each Division is organized into four to six Areas, each led by an Area Director. Each Area contains between four and six clubs.

Click on a Division to see the clubs and Areas it contains.

Division A Director Tetyana Margolina (margolinat@gmail.com)
Area A1
Area A1 Director Karen Woodson (writekaren@aim.com)
4094 Planet Ord Toastmasters Club
7120 MIIS Toastmasters
8275 Peninsula Pros Club
2571179 Oratory Otters
Area A2
Area A2 Director Monique Fountain (moniquefountain@gmail.com)
934 Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934
2032 Naval Postgraduate School Club
4547 Speakeasy Club
8221 Bayview Club
Area A3
Area A3 Director Diamand Dave (diamanddave@gmail.com)
1829 Salinas Sunrise Toastmasters Club
1939 Steinbeck Club
638813 B.L.T. Club
1083068 Talk the Line
Area A4
Area A4 Director Julie Thayer (jai.thayer@att.net)
301 City Shakers
595 Aptos Club
1803 Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters
2373 Pajaro Valley Club
7481 Santa Cruz Orators (SCO) Club
Area A5
Area A5 Director Terry Rein (tvrein@gmail.com)
3802 Evening Toastmasters Club
5127 Surf City Advanced Toastmasters
8203 Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters
2498932 Santa Cruz Toastmasters
4670726 831 Storytellers
Division C Director Ádám Földes (foldesa@gmail.com)
Area C1
Area C1 Director Harsha Venkatesh (hershavenkatesh@gmail.com)
7998 Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters)
8266 Public Speak Easy’s Club
8499 Downtown Speechmakers
Area C2
Area C2 Director Bryan Cover (bryancover@gmail.com)
2693 Vanguard Toastmasters
586504 Intel Innovators
2663147 Silicon Valley English-Vietnamese Toastmasters
4901551 ITU Toastmasters Club
Area C3
Area C3 Director Suvendu Mahapatra (suv.maha@gmail.com)
2038 North Valley Toastmasters
7168 KT Talkers Club
7922 Cadence AHgorithms Club
1259423 Vakpatugalu
2410520 Silicon Valley Mandarin English Toastmasters
Area C4
Area C4 Director December Martin (decemberb@gmail.com)
7596 LSI Speaks Club
1027656 Classy Toasters
1684769 SynapTalks
4727466 BD Flowmasters
6456457 QSpeak
Area C5
Area C5 Director Nutan Bhat (nbhat@itu.edu)
827125 Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club
1828921 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters
2669924 Orchard Orators
2853873 EPL Toasters
Area C6
Area C6 Director Satish Shenoy (sbshenoy@yahoo.com)
7242 Milpitas Toastmasters Club
584244 ArtICCulators Club
2814312 Lumentum Toastmasters Club
5404978 Toast On Fire
5560506 Jade Toastmasters
Division D Director Afifa Tawil (afifa.tawil@gmail.com)
Area D1
Area D1 Director Alyson King (kingalyson@ymail.com)
8124 Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club
854912 First Street Speakers
1776130 Sunpower Toastmasters
2419756 Maxim Toastmasters
3274069 Toast to Arm
Area D2
Area D2 Director Vaibhav Singh (singh.vaibhav.83@gmail.com)
4099 Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters
5015 Applied Materials Club
3143455 NCVI Toastmasters
6719263 Panthers Toastmasters
Area D3
Area D3 Director Manisha Patlolla (manisha.patlolla@intel.com)
3104 Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club
4306 Toastmasters Insiders Club
1490234 nSpeak
3559296 Study Group Toastmasters
Area D4
Area D4 Director Lan Bui (bui.lann@gmail.com)
3328 TGIF Management Club
4460 Torchard Toastmasters
5474 SCUMBAT Club
770392 Next Step Toastmasters Club
Area D5
Area D5 Director Sudha Tomar (sudhatomar@yahoo.com)
685103 MCA Toastmasters Club
2294225 Hi Definition Speakers
2433002 ESV Toastmaster
4712057 MoToast
5474126 ToastNow
Division E Director Patricia Christianson (pchris98@yahoo.com)
Area E1
Area E1 Director Karen Solheim (karen_solheim@mcafee.com)
3088 Talking Chips Club
4802 Silicon Valley Toastmasters
1114237 VentriTalks
1424963 AMD Speak
2960268 Destination Articulation
Area E2
Area E2 Director Arjun Ajjampur (toast.master.arjun@gmail.com)
7528 Fair Oaks Club
7975 Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club
587637 Toasters R Us Club
4302421 Toastmasters Lead [In] SV
6650580 Palo Alto Networks Toastmasters
Area E3
Acting: Division E Director Patricia Christianson (pchris98@yahoo.com)
5098 Coherent Communicators Toastmasters Club
1463124 Wharton QuakeMasters
1510119 Startup Speakers
2811817 Dell Silicon Valley Toastmasters
4486360 Great America Speakers
Area E4
Area E4 Director Edward Suh (EDWARD.SUH@ngc.com)
2994 ToastMeisters Club
4004 Top Gun Toastmasters Club
4124 G-E-M Club
1571496 Optical Orators
6589119 Da Vinci Toastmasters
Area E5
Area E5 Director Mats Larsson (mats_larsson@amat.com)
9946 Laser Sharp Speakers
4023267 McAfee Rise and Shine Toastmasters Club
5789616 PCYC Toastmasters
5832369 Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club
Division G Director Evelyn Belen (ebelen@sbcglobal.net)
Area G1
Area G1 Director Lindsey Gauci (ljgauci@gmail.com)
1029428 Securely Speaking
4528013 Mountain View Toastmasters
4967250 Pure Toast
6681068 Toastmasters of Waymo
Area G2
Area G2 Director Chris DeRoche (cderoche44@gmail.com)
4648 Talking Heads Toastmasters Club
853108 Juniper Jabbers Club
4340878 Amazon Lab126 Toastmasters
Area G3
Area G3 Director Akshaya Mahapatra (akshaya.mahapatra@gmail.com)
2943 Orbiters Toastmasters Club
7871 Intuitively Speaking Toastmasters Club
607909 I’m Feeling Chatty Toastmasters Club
1852523 Now You’re Talk[In]
6738613 Interconnected Toastmasters
Area G4
Area G4 Director Sriram Panyam (spanyam@linkedin.com)
2624 Jetstream Toastmasters Club
4100886 Comcast Silicon Valley Toastmasters
4891369 Samsung Speaks
5880057 Look Who’s Talking
Area G5
Area G5 Director Viswesh Subramanian (viswesh.tm@gmail.com)
49 Sierra 49ers
4270 Wry Toastmasters
605653 Oathmasters
1152428 SaVy Toastmasters Club
5785357 Mandarin-English Toastmasters, Mountain View