Divisions and Areas

District 101 is organized into six Divisions, each led by a Division Director. Each Division is organized into five Areas, each led by an Area Director. Each Area contains between four and six clubs.

Click on a Division to see the clubs and Areas it contains.

Division C Director Arvind Raghavan (arvind.toastmaster@gmail.com)
Area C1
Area C1 Director Ádám Földes (foldesa@gmail.com)
7242 Milpitas Toastmasters Club
584244 ArtICCulators Club
2814312 Lumentum Toastmasters Club
5560506 Jade Toastmasters
6456457 QSpeak
Area C2
Area C2 Director Vivian Nguyen (ttal.hpdt@yahoo.com)
586504 Intel Innovators
1259423 Vakpatugalu
2663147 Silicon Valley English-Vietnamese Toastmasters
5404978 Toast On Fire
5832369 Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club
Area C3
Area C3 Director Cheryl Madson (cmadson.toastmasters@gmail.com)
2038 North Valley Toastmasters
2693 Vanguard Toastmasters
7168 KT Talkers Club
7922 Cadence AHgorithms Club
2410520 Mandarin English Toastmasters San Jose
Area C4
Area C4 Director Sravasti Nair (sravasti@gmail.com)
7596 LSI Speaks Club
1027656 Classy Toasters
1684769 SynapTalks
2294225 Hi Definition Speakers
4727466 BD Flowmasters
Area C5
Area C5 Director Sriraj Vaidyanathan (sriraj.vaidyanathan@gmail.com)
4099 Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters
5474 SCUMBAT Club
827125 Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club
2669924 Orchard Orators
2853873 EPL Toasters
6091585 NuToasters