Pathways is Available!

You can start your Toastmasters educational journey on Pathways now by going to We are one of the first 10 Districts in the world to begin the Pathways program.

Pathways is web-based. Members can either download and print out the materials, or they can choose to purchase the printed material from Toastmasters International for an additional fee.

Pathways will enable you to build your communication and leadership skills with projects that fit your interests and goals more closely than the current program.

Our members speak about Pathways

“My initial impression is very good. I’m receiving a lot of information on how to craft a good speech, where research is essential to completing my project.” — Anahid Avakian, MoToast

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Transition to Pathways

As Pathways rolls out, you can choose to remain in the current traditional educational program or start your first path in Pathways. You are allowed to work on both programs simultaneously.

If you wish to complete your DTM in the current program, you will have 24 months after Pathways rolls out in the last region in the world (expected to happen in June 2018) to do so. After that, the traditional educational program will be retired and no credit for projects from this program will be given.

The projects and educational levels are not transferable from one program to another. Only the DTM educational level will be retained in both programs.

Find More Information about Pathways

Visit the Toastmasters International site for information about Pathways:

Videos to Help You Get Started in Pathways

Pathways Guide Ken Braly has created four videos to help you get started in Pathways:

The 10 Paths in Pathways

Click on any path name below to learn about the projects available on that path; click on a project name to read a brief description.

Dynamic Leadership

This path helps you build your skills as a strategic leader. The projects on this path focus on understanding leadership and communication styles, the effect of conflict on a group and the skills needed to defuse and direct conflict. These projects also emphasize the development of strategies to facilitate change in an organization or group, interpersonal communication and public speaking. This path culminates in a project focused on applying your leadership skills.

Effective Coaching

This path helps you build your skills as a positive communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on understanding and building consensus, contributing to the development of others by coaching and establishing strong public speaking skills. Each project emphasizes the importance of effective interpersonal communication. This path culminates in a “High Performance Leadership” project of your design.

Innovative Planning

This path helps you build your skills as a public speaker and leader. The projects on this path focus on developing a strong connection with audience members when you present, speech writing and speech delivery. The projects contribute to building an understanding of the steps to manage a project, as well as creating innovative solutions. This path culminates in a “High Performance Leadership” project of your design.

Leadership Development

This path helps you build your skills as an effective communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on learning how to manage time, as well as how to develop and implement a plan. Public speaking and leading a team are emphasized in all projects. This path culminates in the planning and execution of an event that will allow you to apply everything you learned.

Motivational Strategies

This path helps you build your skills as a powerful and effective communicator. The projects focus on learning strategies for building connections with the people around you, understanding motivation and successfully leading small groups to accomplish tasks. This path culminates in a comprehensive team-building project that brings all of your skills together—including public speaking.

Persuasive Influence

This path helps you build your skills as an innovative communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on how to negotiate a positive outcome together with building strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills. Each project emphasizes developing leadership skills to use in complex situations, as well as creating innovative solutions to challenges. This path culminates in a “High Performance Leadership” project of your design.

Presentation Mastery

This path helps you build your skills as an accomplished public speaker. The projects on this path focus on learning how an audience responds to you and improving your connection with audience members. The projects contribute to developing an understanding of effective public speaking technique, including speech writing and speech delivery. This path culminates in an extended speech that will allow you to apply what you learned.

Strategic Relationships

This path helps you build your skills as a leader in communication. The projects on this path focus on understanding diversity, building personal and/or professional connections with a variety of people and developing a public relations strategy. Communicating well interpersonally and as a public speaker is emphasized in each project. The path culminates in a project to apply your skills as a leader in a volunteer organization.

Team Collaboration

This path helps you build your skills as a collaborative leader. The projects on this path focus on active listening, motivating others and collaborating with a team. Each project contributes to building interpersonal communication and public speaking skills. This path culminates in a project focused on applying your leadership skills.

Visionary Communication

This path helps you build your skills as a strategic communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on developing your skills for sharing information with a group, planning communications and creating innovative solutions. Speech writing and speech delivery are emphasized in each project. This path culminates in the development and launch of a long-term personal or professional vision.

Need more information?

Should you have any questions after your Pathways Guide’s visit, do not hesitate to reach out to your VPE who will meet with your club’s Pathways Guide through virtual sessions. Feel free to contact Pathways Chief Ambassador Bina Mehta or Program Quality Director Françoise Muller with any questions or comments.

You can find your club’s Pathways Guide in the table below.

Area Club Number Club Name Pathways Guide
A1 4094 Planet Ord Toastmasters Club Jack Jackson
A1 7120 MIIS Toastmasters Jack Jackson
A1 8275 Peninsula Pros Club Jack Jackson
A1 2571179 CSUMB Oratory Otters Daniel Pinto
A2 934 Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934 Jack Jackson
A2 2032 Naval Postgraduate School Club Jack Jackson
A2 4547 Speakeasy Club Daniel Pinto
A2 8221 Bayview Club Daniel Pinto
A3 1829 Salinas Sunrise Toastmasters Club Daniel Pinto
A3 1939 Steinbeck Club Daniel Pinto
A3 638813 B.L.T. Club Daniel Pinto
A3 1083068 Talk the Line Jack Jackson
A4 301 City Shakers Jack Jackson
A4 595 Aptos Club Jack Jackson
A4 1803 Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters Ken Braly
A4 2373 Pajaro Valley Club Daniel Pinto
A4 7481 Santa Cruz Orators (SCO) Club Ken Braly
A5 3802 Evening Toastmasters Club Ken Braly
A5 5127 Surf City Advanced Toastmasters Ken Braly
A5 8203 Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters Ken Braly
A5 2498932 Santa Cruz Toastmasters Ken Braly
A5 4670726 831 Storytellers Ken Braly
B1 1898 Adlibmasters Club Karthik Sadanand
B1 8337 Morgan Hill Toastmasters Daniel Pinto
B1 1842218 The Grummarians Krishna Noru
B1 3890474 Stryker Toastmasters Krishna Noru
B1 4148 Almaden Valley Orators Club Krishna Noru
B2 6003612 Year Up Toastmasters Elaine Lung
B2 3626 Valley Toastmasters Karthik Sadanand
B2 9473 Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club Elaine Lung
B2 3081591 ToastItNow! Suvendu Mahapatra
B2 5505217 San Jose PwC Toastmasters Karthik Sadanand
B2 1977581 ASPIRE Toastmasters Elaine Lung
B3 1577 San Jose Toastmasters Club Krishna Noru
B3 6654 Silver Tongued Cats Ken Braly
B3 7281 Willow Glen Toastmasters Darryl Mocek
B3 2997821 Los Gatos Toastmasters Ken Braly
B3 6274 Adobe Fontificators Club Carlos Puig
B4 3572 Saratoga Toastmasters Club Suvendu Mahapatra
B4 4224 Switch-On Toastmasters Club Brad Jacobs
B4 4658 Tandem Toastmasters Club Dane Olsen
B4 4400250 SweetTalk Karthik Sadanand
B4 3179320 Flying Toasters Karthik Sadanand
B5 2113833 Spartans Toastmasters – SJSU Karthik Sadanand
B5 5477675 Silicon Valley Improvmasters Elaine Lung
B5 5232 Adelante Toastmasters Club Krishna Noru
B5 668615 True Talking Toastmasters (TTT) Karthik Sadanand
B5 3308016 Silicon Valley Storytellers Pat Furagganan
B6 2914 Excalibur Toastmasters Club Gretchen Lam
B6 4606 Cupertino Morningmasters Cam Hoang
B6 4608 Cupertino Toastmasters Krishna Noru
B6 7430 Macintalkers Club Cam Hoang
B6 6437449 Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters Krishna Noru
C1 3844625 Viet My Gretchen Lam
C1 7998 Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters) Karthik Sadanand
C1 8266 Public Speak Easy’s Club Darryl Mocek
C1 8499 Downtown Speechmakers Suvendu Mahapatra
C1 5708862 CEI Toastmasters Carlos Puig
C2 586504 Intel Innovators Darryl Mocek
C2 2663147 Silicon Valley English-Vietnamese Toastmasters Carlos Puig
C2 2693 Vanguard Toastmasters Tina Marquez
C2 4901551 ITU Toastmasters Club Philip Leung
C2 5124118 Vendavo Toastmasters Elaine Lung
C3 1259423 Vakpatugalu Karthik Sadanand
C3 2038 North Valley Toastmasters Philip Leung
C3 7168 KT Talkers Club Katy Yanda
C3 7922 Cadence AHgorithms Club Pat Furagganan
C3 2410520 Mandarin English Toastmasters San Jose Philip Leung
C4 6456457 QSpeak Tina Marquez
C4 7596 LSI Speaks Club Katy Yanda
C4 1027656 Classy Toasters Katy Yanda
C4 1684769 SynapTalks Tina Marquez
C4 4727466 BD Flowmasters Philip Leung
C5 827125 Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club Tina Marquez
C5 2669924 Orchard Orators Pat Furagganan
C5 2853873 EPL Toasters Pat Furagganan
C5 6091585 NuToasters Elaine Lung
C5 1828921 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Suvendu Mahapatra
C6 7242 Milpitas Toastmasters Club Philip Leung
C6 584244 ArtICCulators Club Philip Leung
C6 2814312 Lumentum Toastmasters Club Philip Leung
C6 5560506 Jade Toastmasters Philip Leung
C6 5404978 Toast On Fire Tina Marquez
D1 8124 Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club Katy Yanda
D1 854912 First Street Speakers Darryl Mocek
D1 1776130 Sunpower Toastmasters Darryl Mocek
D1 2419756 Maxim Toastmasters Katy Yanda
D1 3274069 Toast to ARM Darryl Mocek
D2 4099 Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters Darryl Mocek
D2 2736 SpeakEasy@Sun Club Darryl Mocek
D2 2492534 Brocade Communicators Dane Olsen
D2 3143455 NCVI Toastmasters Carlos Puig
D2 5015 Applied Materials Club Pat Furagganan
D3 5580521 Blue Fire Tina Marquez
D3 4306 Toastmasters Insiders Club Cam Hoang
D3 1490234 nSpeak Pat Furagganan
D3 3104 Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club Brad Jacobs
D3 3559296 Study Group Toastmasters Brad Jacobs
D4 5474 SCUMBAT Club Carlos Puig
D4 770392 Next Step Toastmasters Club Brad Jacobs
D4 4460 Torchard Toastmasters Tina Marquez
D4 3328 TGIF Management Club Brad Jacobs
D4 2394422 CA Toasties Krishna Noru
D5 2294225 Hi Definition Speakers Katy Yanda
D5 2433002 ESV Toastmaster Cam Hoang
D5 685103 MCA Toastmasters Club Gretchen Lam
D5 5474126 ToastNow Carlos Puig
D5 4712057 MoToast Cam Hoang
E1 4802 Silicon Valley Toastmasters Pat Furagganan
E1 2960268 Destination Articulation Carlos Puig
E1 3088 Talking Chips Club Lynn Stuart
E1 1424963 AMD Speak Carlos Puig
E2 7528 Fair Oaks Club Brad Jacobs
E2 7975 Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club Dane Olsen
E2 3970418 Sparksense@Sunnyvale Toastmasters Dane Olsen
E2 4302421 Toastmasters Lead [In] SV Katy Yanda
E2 587637 Toasters R Us Club Lynn Stuart
E3 4486360 Great America Speakers Cam Hoang
E3 2811817 Dell Silicon Valley Toastmasters Cam Hoang
E3 1510119 Startup Speakers Brad Jacobs
E3 5098 Coherent Communicators Toastmasters Club Dane Olsen
E3 1463124 Wharton QuakeMasters Gretchen Lam
E4 4004 Top Gun Toastmasters Club Dane Olsen
E4 2994 ToastMeisters Club Pat Furagganan
E4 4124 G-E-M Club Tina Marquez
E4 1571496 Optical Orators Katy Yanda
E4 6589119 Da Vinci Toastmasters Anna Garcia
E5 5832369 Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club Gretchen Lam
E5 9946 Laser Sharp Speakers Darryl Mocek
E5 1514703 EMC Masters Club Elaine Lung
E5 4023267 McAfee Rise and Shine Toastmasters Club Cam Hoang
E5 5789616 PCYC Toastmasters Cam Hoang
G1 1565818 Google Quad Toastmasters Anna Garcia
G1 4528013 Mountain View Toastmasters Gretchen Lam
G1 4967250 Pure Toast Lynn Stuart
G1 1029428 Securely Speaking Anna Garcia
G1 6560319 iToast Elaine Lung
G2 4648 Talking Heads Toastmasters Club Gretchen Lam
G2 733423 Toast Launchers Club Lynn Stuart
G2 853108 Juniper Jabbers Club Lynn Stuart
G2 4340878 Amazon Lab126 Toastmasters Lynn Stuart
G3 2943 Orbiters Toastmasters Club Dane Olsen
G3 7871 Intuitively Speaking Toastmasters Club Carlos Puig
G3 607909 I’m Feeling Chatty Toastmasters Club Lynn Stuart
G3 1852523 Now You’re Talk[In] Dane Olsen
G4 1114237 VentriTalks Dane Olsen
G4 5880057 Look Who’s Talking Anna Garcia
G4 2624 Jetstream Toastmasters Club Anna Garcia
G4 4100886 Comcast Silicon Valley Toastmasters Anna Garcia
G4 4891369 Samsung Speaks Lynn Stuart
G5 5785357 Mandarin-English Toastmasters, Mountain View Brad Jacobs
G5 49 Sierra 49ers Gretchen Lam
G5 4270 Wry Toastmasters Anna Garcia
G5 605653 Yahoo! Yapsters Club Lynn Stuart
G5 1152428 SaVy Toastmasters Club Anna Garcia