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Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS
“The Transition Man”

Author and Founder of Rise-Up and Win International (http://www.transitionman.com)


The Power of Resiliency: How Change Happens and Success is Achieved
To be successful in today’s world requires us to have knowledge and skill; however, knowledge and skill alone does not guarantee success. The goals we want to achieve and the success we want to have is determined by our Resiliency. In this program, you will learn how to use the principles of resiliency to Achieve More Success, More Money or More Happiness in Your Life – Today.


Join us to crown the winners of the Tall Tales and International Speech contests. The winner of the International Speech Contest will represent District 101 in the Semi-Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking® at the International Convention in Chicago.

Learn and strengthen your skills during the Educational Program.

Wake up and come to the Sunday Breakfast with Johnny for some live coaching.


  • Embassy Suites Hotel
  • 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd
  • Seaside, CA 93955

Additional Educational Sessions

They’re Driving Me Crazy: Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People in Workplace and Life

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS

Difficult people are everywhere. They affect our productivity at work and our happiness at home. In this program, we will discuss the various conflict management techniques for dealing with difficult people and methods for strengthening workplace relationships and team collaboration when dealing with difficult situations.

From Page to Stage

Alliee DeArmond, DTM

How do you transform a written story or article into something that works in the speaking arena? Often people write speeches unaware of the shifting dynamics between writing to be read, and speaking to be seen and heard. In this workshop you will use a six-step process to reshape a 5-sentence story into a speech. You will gain insight into story structure and will develop tools for enhancing every type of presentation.

Take It Outside! What You Wish Your Boss Knew About Toastmasters.

Elaine Lung, DTM

A club provides step-by-step instructions for success in a do-it-yourself sandbox that is “better than watching YouTube” or investing in a break-the-bank Dale Carnegie program. Most people don’t realize that these tools can improve their personal and professional lives. Pick up the tools in this session to make the most of the time you invest during club meetings.

Session Parallel to the Business Meeting:

Responding to Criticism

Arnie Buss, DTM

Do you find yourself in conflict with others – Friends? Family? Coworkers? Do you struggle at times to resolve those conflicts? This presentation focuses on specific ways that you can break through difficult communications with a simple, yet powerful, approach to listening empathetically. You will learn a simple, yet powerful and effective approach to listening effectively in difficult and even confrontational situations. Using this listening skill, you can transform any conflict into an opportunity for constructive resolution to a problem, a deepening of understanding and empathy, and ultimately an improvement to the relationship itself.

District 101 Speech Contest Finals

Tall Tales
International Speech

Saturday, May 19, 2018


7:30 AM: Registration and breakfast
8:20 AM: Tall Tales contest, Keynote and Educational sessions
12:30 PM: Luncheon and Hall of Fame
2:30 PM: Business Meeting; parallel Educational session for non-voters
4:30 PM: International Speech Contest qualifying for the International Convention in Chicago
6:30 PM: Evening reception

District 101 Business Meeting

Every club has a voice! Club Presidents and VPEs and District Officers learn about District 101’s progress and vote on measures. Attending the Business Meeting is free.

The Business Meeting will vote on the 2018-19 Alignment, District Officers for 2018-19, and other business which may be brought before it.

If neither the club President nor Vice President of Education can attend, ask them to complete the proxy form for you or another club member who will be attending.

All club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, proxy-holders, and District Officers should check in at the Credentials Desk and sign for your ballots by 2:00 PM, at least 30 minutes before the Business Meeting begins.

Evening Reception

Membership Marketing Blueprint: How to Grow Your Club and Turn Guests into Members

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS

As a Club President, VP of Marketing or VP of Membership, you know that membership growth is critical to a club’s overall success. Clubs thrive or fail based on how good they are at keeping members and turning guests into members. In this program, we will discuss how you can grow your club through strategic marketing that attracts more guests and turns guests into new members.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Breakfast with Johnny

Interactive Workshop with Johnny Campbell

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Win the Crowd: The Insider’s Guide for Creating and Delivering Winning Presentations

At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve heard a speaker or performer who captured our attention from the moment they took the stage or appeared on the screen. In this instructive and revealing program, you will learn how the masters of the platform and big screen Win-the-Crowd and how you can use those same strategies, techniques and tactics to connect and captivate your audiences.


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