Candidates for District 101 Elected Positions for 2020-21

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Candidate for District Director

Vaibhav Singh, CC, CL

My journey as a toastmaster has been about one core belief: ‘with enough persistence and focus, anything is possible’. And toastmasters has not just been a platform which allowed me to fail and succeed but more importantly it has been a community that always supported me. From my fellow members and mentors, I did not just learn about being a better speaker or a leader, I learnt about empathy, human connection, power of teamwork and service.

As the candidate for District Director role for 2020-21, my vision is to establish a culture in our district where we become a community where we never loses sight of our goals, we persist, we reach out, we help and ask for help, and that we uphold our core values of Integrity, Service, Respect and Excellence and we cherish how extraordinary privilege it is to belong to be a part of Toastmasters community.

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Candidates for Program Quality Director

Shyamala Sista, DTM

Toastmasters is a life-changing program. I grew from a passive listener to a fearless leader. I no longer think twice when I see a leadership opportunity open because I know I can make a significant contribution. I want to bring that Toastmasters value to each member in our district.

These changes cannot be made overnight or by only one person; I have a great team that is willing to help our members attain their educational goals.

Currently as Club Growth Director, I am proud to share that D101 is enjoying its most successful year at club growth and membership payments since it was formed in 2016. I learned a great deal of what it means to be a leader and how to lead by example.

Toastmasters’ journey is incredible! One will grow personally and professionally with the side effect of making like-minded friends for life! Join me on this journey.

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Yifang Xu, CC, CL,PI5, VC1

Seeing others grow is the most rewarding part of Toastmasters. As a past Area Director and Division Director, I have helped dozens of clubs achieve excellence. I’m excited to help more clubs as Program Quality Director.

Through my years in District Leadership, I’ve observed that clubs have different strengths they can share with others. As Division Director, I advocate collaboration between clubs. Now I see clubs stepping up to help others and seeking help from others.

My vision is to see every member in every club being fearless to speak, stay, and serve. The District will serve as the platform of continuous improvement of club quality. I will create a system in which each club addresses one challenge at a time. This system will rely on the collaboration of District leaders and club officers. Together, we can build an environment of continuous improvement that peoplefind worth staying for.

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Candidate for Club Growth Director

Ed Suh, ACS, ALB

I still remember the very first Toastmasters meeting I ever went to and I was as nervous as ever.  I didn’t know anyone and felt out of place but then the President of the Club warmly welcomed me and gave me a great big smile! I’ll never forget that!

I would never have imagined then, that today I am serving as a Division Director.  I am so grateful to Toastmasters for the skills I have developed in Public Speaking and Leadership.  To me there is no greater accomplishment than to serve in an amazing non-profit organization like Toastmasters.

I have experienced first-hand the need and value of Toastmasters! It would be my honor to be the Club Growth Director and to engage as many members and future members as possible.  Toastmasters has made such a positive impact in my life and I’m certain it will change their lives as well.

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Candidate for Division A Director

Megan Mayer, ACG, ALB

In my three years at Toastmasters, the educational program has consistently impressed me with its application to our personal and professional success. I am therefore “All In” to serve my Area, Division, and District as best I can.

With Pathways and COVID-19 changing our programming and delivery, our opportunities for growth expand exponentially, due in large part to D101’s fabulous project teams. If we stay safe, stay calm, and stay open, we will experience more growth this year than many of us have in the last decade. D101 is the place to be during times of change, and I want to be on your team.

My goal this year is to support our clubs as we develop online delivery of programming, new member recruiting, and training for online organizational management.

Please join your fellow Toastmasters on this exciting journey, and please vote for me as Division A Director.

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Candidate for Division B Director

Sharon Chen, ACS, ALB

I first joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills and thought I would stay for one year.  It has been over 5 years and I’m still here.  I stayed because I gained valuable life skills in communication, leadership, and coaching. I have enjoyed serving as a club officer, club mentor, and Area Director to help others in their Toastmaster journey.

As a Division Director, I hope to apply my experiences to help guide new Area Directors for an enjoyable and successful tenure. Each club has a unique culture and vision. As leaders it is important for us to understand and work with the natural strengths of each club. I hope to support strong clubs so they continue to thrive. I plan to share strategies and tools to help struggling clubs develop a strong foundation by giving value to their members for lasting success. Strong clubs lead to a strong Division.

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Candidate for Division C Director

Venkatesh Ragala, ACS, ALB

My Vision for Toastmasters, 2020-2021 is to Have high quality Club Meetings Via Online or inperson and accomplishing Presidents Distinguished Division C! My Mission is to empower the Division C Area Directors to create the high quality clubs with well trained officers and best practices learnt from other clubs and other seasoned officers!

I’ve learnt a lot and improved myself while working as Area C3 Director, Broadcom-Orators Club President, Applied Materials Toastmasters Club President, VPE & Treasure roles.

It would be an honor for me to represent Division C for 2020-21. I sincerely hope I will be able to make substantial contributions in this role and help the Division C.

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Candidate for Division D Director

Gavin Wang, CC

Generative listening and speaking lie in the heart of high-performance leadership. By taking diverse leadership roles in clubs and areas, Toastmasters has transformed my speaking and listening into being more vigorous and productive, with the creation of values benefiting all participants regardless of the content of the communication.

More importantly, such generative communication honed from Toastmasters has spurred new possibilities in every aspect pertaining to career productivity and enjoyment of life. This inspires me to pursue the position of the Division Director.

My vision for Division D is to become a high-quality community that connects extensively both online and offline. As Division D Director, besides basic responsibilities, I will focus on inviting renowned Toastmasters like varied contest winners and Leaders in the Bay Area and around the world to present online education meetings weekly in terms of making the whole Division stronger both internally and externally.

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Candidate for Division E Director

Kalpana Aroda, ACB, DL4

The adventure of personal growth exposed me to the amazing organization that toastmasters is.  From simple speeches building relationships and valued feedback each week left me eager for more.  Having been a President, VPPR, VPM, treasurer, area director has made this personal growth journey memorable to say the least.  I look forward to helping others grow with as much fun.

Standing in my first ever toastmasters meeting and trying table topics as a guest, I would never have thought the tremendous impact this program will have in my life.  Serving as an Area Director in 2019-2020 made me realize the focus, the planning and thought process that goes behind making each club and in turn each member successful.  I hope to continue to serve in the district office in the capacity of division director and help continue to make clubs successful and members thrive.

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Candidate for Division G Director

Jackie Law, LD2

Only two years ago did I join Toastmasters as a charter member for my home club; one year later, I decided to challenge myself and apply for the role of Area Director. From barely participating in Toastmasters events beyond my own club meetings to attending other clubs’ meetings and District events, my eyes were opened to the greater Toastmasters community.

Since taking on a bigger role in Toastmasters, I have learned much about what it means to be an avid toastmaster, an articulate communicator, and an unflappable leader. Toastmasters truly is a program where you get out of it as much as you put in!

I know that many fellow toastmasters are like I was and only attend club meetings. My goal as Division Director is to pay it forward and inspire other members to  explore beyond their own clubs and open their eyes to the greater world of Toastmasters.

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