Fast Lane News

Fast Lane News


We are excited to bring something brand new to our District: Fast Lane News! This page is dedicated to Clubs which have all Officers complete training by July 31, 2020 and all members enrolled in Pathways by September 30, 2020. We will feature this on a regular basis on our website and social media pages.

When your Club achieves these two goals, reach out to our Program Quality Director, Shyamala Sista, DTM. Share the following information:

  • Club Name
  • Any three highlights from the Club in 150 words or less (for example, member achievements, club achievements, or any special milestones).


Contact Program Quality Director Shyamala Sista, DTM,

Congratulations Speakeasy Monterey

Speakeasy Monterey stays strong despite all 2020 has thrown at us! The club has submitted 12 educational awards since July and earned 4 education DCP points thus far. We are a fun, engaging club with a penchant for theme-driven virtual backgrounds and good humor. Our “Beach Party” last June was one of our most memorable themes. And 100% of our members give speeches based on Pathways.

Congratulations San Jose Toastmasters

One word can describe San Jose Toastmasters “UNSTOPPABLE”.  We have overcome the biggest obstacles this year. Due to the pandemic we  were forced to meet through zoom. But Covid 19 is not stronger than SJ Toastmasters. We continue to have successful meetings  with 20 members and at 3 guests since the beginning of my  of my team 5 new members I  have awarded 9  academic achievement awards this includes 2 pathway completion  Joel Ruiz and Vivek Kaushal .  I will need more than 150 words to say all the good things of San Jose Toastmasters. We have achieved because we are a club with members and officers who unite together to encourage and support one another and this makes our club   “UNSTOPPABLE”

Congratulations to the following clubs for achieving their first goal by completing all club officers training by July 31, 2020:

Aptos Club, ArtICCulators Club, BD Flowmasters, Cadence AHgorithms Club, Cathedral of Faith Toastmasters, Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club, Cupertino Morningmasters, Cupertino Toastmasters, Excalibur Toastmasters Club, First Street Speakers, Friendly Toasters, Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club, Los Gatos Toastmasters, MCA Toastmasters Club, McAfee Rise and Shine Toastmasters Club, Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934, Naval Postgraduate School Club, North Valley Toastmasters, nSpeak, Peninsula Pros Club, PMI Silicon Valley Toastmasters Club, San Jose Toastmasters Club, Saratoga Toastmasters Club, Silicon Valley Storytellers, Surf City Advanced Toastmasters, Switch-On Toastmasters Club, TGIF Management Club, The Grummarians, Toasters R Us Club, ToastItNow!, True Talking Toastmasters (TTT), Vakpatugalu, and Willow Glen Toastmasters.

Honorable Mention to the following clubs for completing all club officers training by August 31, 2020:

[24] Inspired Orators – San Jose, Adelante Toastmasters Club, ADI Silicon Valley Toastmasters, Adlibmasters Club, Adobe Fontificators Club, Almaden Valley Orators Club, Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters, Amazon Lab126 Toastmasters, AMD Speak, ASML Sillicon Valley Toastmasters, Big Basin Toastmasters, Broadcom-Orators Toastmasters Club, Fair Oaks Club, Gilroy Toastmasters, Great America Speakers, I’m Feeling Chatty Toastmasters Club, Intel Innovators, ITU Toastmasters Club, Jade Toastmasters, Juniper Jabbers Club, Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club, Mandarin-English Toastmasters, Mountain View, Maps Toastmasters, Milpitas Toastmasters Club, Morgan Hill Toastmasters, Mountain View Toastmasters, Next Step Toastmasters Club, Optical Orators, Oratory Otters, Orbiters Toastmasters Club, Public Speak Easy’s Club, Sage Intacct Toastmasters, Salinas Sunrise Toastmasters Club, Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters, SCUMBAT Club, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters, Silicon Valley Improvmasters, Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters), Silver Tongued Cats, Speakeasy Monterey, Study Group Toastmasters, Toast On Fire, Toastmasters Evelyn, ToastNow, Top Gun Toastmasters Club, Trendsetter Toastmasters, VentriTalks, Wharton QuakeMasters, Wry Toastmasters, and Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club .