2022 Destination 101 Podcast

Destination 101 Podcast

Take a ride with us on Highway 101, and hear from Toastmasters District 101, the area from Santa Clara to Monterey counties, clustering along Highway 101 in California. 

In Season 1, we focused on District 101 news, tips and events, and heard from leaders, members and clubs. Now in Season 2, we have introduced short versions, or “pitstop editions,” which will provide Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters with tips and tricks and tools covering speaking, communication, and even a few technology tips. 

If you have questions that you would like answered, email pr@d101tm.org.

Listen in on the following channels:

Season 2

Episode S2.07: Should I Sit…or Stand? (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on whether to sit or stand during a presentation, especially a virtual presentation. Join host Birgit Starmanns to hear what you may want to consider when deciding to sit or stand! (Runtime: 5:18)

Episode S2.06: Audience Participation (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on techniques for audience participation, and to involve your audience in your presentations. Join host Birgit Starmanns to hear about tips you can use for both live and online audience interactions! (Runtime: 5:22)

Episode S2.05: Tips for Toasting (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on tips for toasting! Yes, Toastmasters can help you with tips on how to toast your friends and colleagues, especially now that we are in the holiday season. Join host Birgit Starmanns to find out! (Runtime: 5:29)

Episode S2.04: Hybrid Meeting Considerations (pitstop edition)

This “pitstop edition” focuses on things to think about as you prepare to move from an exclusively virtual meeting environment to taking the next step to being in-person again – through hybrid meetings. Should you stay virtual? Should you go hybrid? And what should you consider and investigate before going hybrid? Join host Birgit Starmanns to find out! (Runtime: 6:49)

Episode S2.03: Zoom Backgrounds (pitstop edition)

Continuing our new short format, this “pitstop edition” focuses on quick tips and tricks for Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike; listen in as host Birgit Starmanns discusses Zoom backgrounds, from the real to the virtual, and some creative ways in which Zoom backgrounds can be used. (Runtime: 6:34)

Episode S2.02: Eye Contact in Zoom (pitstop edition)

In a new short format, the “pitstop editions” will focus on quick tips and tricks for Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike. Listen in as host Birgit Starmanns discusses ways in which you can improve your eye contact in Zoom meetings, and ways to practice and self-evaluate. (Runtime: 5:10)

Episode S2.01: Be a 101% Toastmaster

Birgit Starmanns, DTM, producer and host, welcomes Ashley Gonzales, who is part of the Club Growth Team in Toastmasters District 101. We discuss why members may want to start a new club and the benefits they can gain by doing so. Ashley also introduces the new 101% Toastmaster program that will provide members with assistance in creating new clubs. (Runtime: 16:25)

Season 1

Episode S1.11: Birgit chats with Brian and Ashok and Yifang about bi-lingual and foreign language clubs in D101

Birgit Starmanns, DTM, D101 PRM, welcomes two guests from bi-lingual and foreign language clubs: Brian Dugay from Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese-English) Toastmasters, and Ashok Handigol from Vakpatugalu. They are joined by Yifang Xu, CGD. Hear about how they started their clubs, structure their meetings, interact with the home countries of those languages, plans for post-pandemic meetings – and even hear all participants speak a message in their native tongues!  (Runtime: 34:55)

Episode S1.10: Birgit welcomes TI President Richard E. Peck, DTM, and our DD Vaibhav Singh

Birgit Starmanns, DTM, D101 PRM, welcomes our special guest, Toastmasters International President Richard E. Peck, DTM, and is joined by District Director Vaibhav Singh, DTM. We discuss Richard’s Zoom-setting as he visits clubs globally and hear several anecdotes; the effects of the pandemic and what we learned; to the recovery and its impact on how Toastmasters meetings may take place in the future. Richard also shares how passions of drag racing motorsport and nature photography relate to Toastmasters. (Runtime: 34:01)

Episode S1.09: Birgit chats John Bates, our Conference Keynote Speaker

Episode 09 features Birgit Starmanns, DTM, D101 PRM, speaking with the District 101 Spring Conference keynote speaker, John Bates. John speaks about his Toastmasters experience, and how he found his niche in his journey to become a speaker and executive speech coach. He also provides insight into what it takes to be a TED speaker. He also provides a quick insight into his keynote sessions and workshop that he will present at the conference. They are joined by Shyamala Sista, DTM, PQD, and Kari Lyne Morgan, District Conference Digital Moderator. (Runtime: 29:37)

Episode S1.08: Birgit chats about the Unmute Yourself! conference with the conference team of Shyamala, Anna and Diane

Episode 08 features Birgit Starmanns, DTM, D101 PRM, in a conversation with several or the organizers of the District 101 Spring Conference, including Shyamala Sista, DTM, PQD; Anna Garcia, DTM, Conference Chair; and Diane Bair, DTM, Contest Chair. The theme of the conference is Unmute Yourself! Listen in on how the theme came about and the many ways in which you can unmute yourself. Our guests also talk about their experiences with the Virtual Hug Line when receiving their DTMs. And hear about the exciting details about the conference taking place May 15-16, 2021. Plus, plan to join our Bingo game to win cool prizes! (Runtime: 23:52)

Episode S1.07: Birgit chats with Vaibhav about the “State of District 101,” club membership and Pathways

This episode features Birgit Starmanns, DTM, who is District 101’s PR Manager, in a conversation with the District Director, Vaibhav Singh, who makes his second appearance in this podcast. Listen in on the discussion of the “State of District 101,” as Vaibhav shares stories about the improving engagement of new clubs and members as we move into our “fourth quarter” of the Toastmasters year, and highlights the current speech contest season. He also discusses his thoughts on continuous learning in communication and in leadership roles, and overcoming a resistance to the Toastmasters Pathways educational program. (Runtime: 20:09)

Episode S1.06: Birgit chats with Katrina and Erica about their newly chartered clubs

This episode features Birgit Starmanns, DTM, who is District 101’s PR Manager, in a conversation with the Presidents of two newly chartered Toastmasters clubs. Katrina Brock is the President of Toastmasters @ Sunbasket, and Erica Tamburo is the President of WIP Toastmasters (which stands for Women in Products). Hear about their experiences and what they consider to be the “personality” of their clubs. Plus there’s a little flashback to a Comcast Newsmakers episode where Birgit discussed – the personalities of Toastmasters clubs. (Runtime: 25:12)

Episode S1.05: Birgit learns about Mythili’s stories of her Toastmasters journey

This episode features Birgit Starmanns, DTM, who is District 101’s PR Manager, having a conversation with Mythili Prabhu, DTM, and District 101’s very first District Director. Our conversation includes Mythili’s personal stories through her 10+ years with Toastmasters, and what she continues to gain from her membership. And since Episode 5 debuted on February 5, our trivia takes a cruise through various “special holidays” that no one has heard of, in search of a District 101 Toastmasters day. (runtime: 19:10)

Episode S1.04: Birgit chats with Yifang, CGD about D101 membership

On this episode, Birgit Starmanns (District 101’s PR Manager) hosts Yifang Xu (District 101’s Club Growth Director), to discuss the importance of membership for Toastmasters clubs, skills that members can gain, plus Yifang shares the current District 101 membership incentive programs. We also ruminate on the New Year, and setting goals any time and not just on January 1. And see if you can spot all of the fun quotes about the New Year, ranging from a song, a poem, a movie, and several writers.  (runtime: 19:18)

Episode S1.03: Birgit and Rita chat about their personal stories 

This podcast differs from our standard format, and an interview turned into a conversation. Hear about the personal stories of Birgit Starmanns, DTM, Public Relations Manager, and Rita Barber, DTM, Past District Governor, focused on families – the real families, the chosen families, and the Toastmasters family. (runtime: 28:21)

Episode S1.02: Birgit Starmanns interviews Shyamala Sista

Birgit Starmanns (PR Manager) hosts our second-ever guest, Shyamala Sista (Program Growth Director) to talk about education and mentorship for Toastmasters and District 101 special programs. And we have included a little “holiday break.” (Runtime: 14:30)

Episode S1.01: Birgit Starmanns interviews Vaibhav Singh

Birgit Starmanns (PR Manager) hosts the inaugural guest, Vaibhav Singh (District Director) on the “State of the District” talk. We answer a few member questions, and give you a little “trivia break” about the history of our name! (Run time 19:00)