Silicon to Surf: Fall Fusion 2020

Fall Fusion - What is it?
Take the best of two different worlds - our TLI's and our Conference and join them together for a truly incredible event. We have a few new unique sessions this Fall Fusion.

The Solution Room:
This will feature facilitator-led topic-specific rooms. It will be a great opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute.

Specialty & Advanced Club Showcase:
We will feature our District's specialty and advanced Toastmasters Clubs. They will have the opportunity to present their Club and answer any questions. If you haven't yet checked out all these Clubs, this will be a great opportunity to learn more!

Speaker Showcase:
Our members come together to compete in Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contests this year.

  • Stage 0 Submit the "Intent to Participate" [Due Aug 28]
  • Stage 1 Contestant(s) identified to represent your club (either through a contest or by nomination) [Due Sep 16]
  • Stage 2 Quarter Finals [Sep 23, Sep 26, Sep 27, Sep 28, Oct 1, Oct 3, Oct 4, Oct 6, Oct 8, Oct 10, Oct 13, Oct 17].
  • Stage 3 Semi-Finals [October 20 and October 22]
  • Stage 4 Final Contest at Fall Fusion [Oct 31]
Fall Fusion Events Schedule
Contest TypeDateTimeHosting Club/ToastmasterParticipating ClubsRegistration Link
Quarter-Finals Wednesday, September 23 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Raji Murty Bandanapudi
Chief Judge - Izumi Yamamoto
Gilroy Toastmasters
Juniper Jabbers
Big Basin Toastmasters
Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club
Friendly Toasters
Cupertino Morningmasters
Quarter-Finals Saturday, September 26 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Ashish Kuthagodu
Chief Judge - TBD
Santa Clara Sweettalkers Club
MCA Toastmasters Club
Public Speak Easy's
Proofpoint Toastmasters
Morgan Hill Toastmasters
True Talking Toastmasters
Quarter-Finals Sunday, September 27 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Charles Kelzer
Chief Judge - Ishrath Fatima
Adlibmasters Club 1898
Silicon Valley ImprovMasters
Monterey Peninsula 934
Saratoga Toastmasters
Broadcom orators
Silicon Valley Storytellers
Quarter-Finals Monday, September 28 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Jay Mojnidar
Chief Judge - Li-Fang Chou
(Cupertino Toastmasters Club)
Naval Postgraduate School Club
North Valley Toastmaster
SCUMBAT Toastmasters
Study Group Toastmasters
Vanguard Toastmasters
Quarter-Finals Thursday, October 1 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Arun Katikala
Chief Judge - Jon Regan
(Maxim Toastmasters Club)
Fair Oaks Club
Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club
Surf City Advanced Toastmasters
Sierra 49ers
Aruba Toastmaster
Quarter-Finals Saturday, October 3 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Madhavi Phanse
Chief Judge - Vipul Patil
(Fair Oaks Toastmasters Club)
Laser Sharp Speakers
Mountain View Toastmasters
ASML SV Toastmasters
Cupertino Toastmasters
Toast On Fire
Toasters R Us
Intel Innovators
Quarter-Finals Sunday, October 4 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Kari Lynn Morgan
Chief Judge - Shawn Horton
(Aptos Toastmasters Club)
Talking Chips Club
Maxim Toastmasters
Adelante Toastmasters
Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters
Toastmaster Evelyn
Quarter-Finals Tuesday, October 6 6-8:30 PM Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club First Street Speakers
AMD Speak
Silver-Tongued Cats
Switch-On Toastmasters
Optical Orators
TGIF Management Toastmasters Club
Quarter-Finals Thursday, October 8 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Diane Bair
Chief Judge - Carl Thormeyer
(Peninsula Pros Club)
Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters
Speakeasy Monterey
Leadership 101
Hot Buttered Toastmasters, PayPal
San Jose Toastmasters
Quarter-Finals Saturday, October 10 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Ashutosh Satish Tadkase
Chief Judge - Vishal Aslot
Toastmasters Insiders
Wharton Quakemasters
Aptos Club
Applied Materials Toastmasters Club
Toastmeisters Club
Cathedral of Faith
Quarter-Finals Tuesday, October 13 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Daniela Jimenez-Torres
Chief Judge - Harris Bijli
(MCA Toastmasters Club)
Galaxy Speakers
Excalibur Toastmasters Club
PMISV Toastmasters
ADI Silicon Valley Toastmasters
Wry club #4279
Jade Toastmasters
Quarter-Finals Saturday, October 17 6-8:30 PM Contest Chair - Edison Fernando Penafiel
Chief Judge - Ishrath Fatima
Los Gatos Toastmasters
Agile Articulators Speech & Debate Toastmasters Club
Willow Glen Toastmasters
831 Storytellers
Semi-Finals Tuesday, October 20 6-8:30 PM Solarzar Dellaporta TBD
Semi-Finals Thursday, October 22 6-8:30 PM Solarzar Dellaporta TBD
Fall Fusion Saturday, October 31 8:30 AM Ishrath Fatima TBD
Contest Resources:
Find all contest resources here.

Submit Quarter Final winners taking part in semifinals, no later than October 18 here.
Contact Fall Fusion Chair, Ishrath Fatima
Fall Fusion Speaker Showcase Lead, Syed Mohammed
or District Events Chair, Mythili Prabhu
District 101 Google Calendar ID (Used to add to your Google Calendar Under Other Calendars)