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Welcome! – Public Relations is a fun and exciting role where you get to try different forms of media and communication to promote your club.  Here are some tips to get you started.



Maintaining an up-to-date website is key to attracting new members.


PR Flyer

When it comes to organizing a special event such as an Open House, you must be sure to make people aware of it.  PR flyers provide a good way to advertise your event.



A newsletter is a great way to keep club members informed, in case they missed some meetings. Highlight recent activities, let members know about upcoming events, and be sure to  include the latest promotions from the District 101 website. Newsletters can also be used as an invitation for potential guests.


Social Media

Did you know that District 101 has a Meetup site? You may request to add a club event to the District 101 Meetup site by submitting event details using the request form at . You will get a notification from the District PR Manager when the event is posted on Meetup. (PS: Don’t forget to RSVP and ask all your club members to do the same thing.)

If your club has a Facebook page, be sure to update it with photos, invitations to events, recognition of member and club achievements. District 101 has a Facebook page as well – come check us out at


Check out our Social Media Tips for more information on how to effectively use various social media platforms to promote your club!


Other Ideas

  • Club Business Card – Make a lasting impression at your next club meeting, open house, or other event with your very own business cards! The business card should include your club name, meeting information, and website. Make it easy for your guest to get in touch with your club by including contact information (phone number and/or email address).

Download templates for business cards from:

  • TI Brochures – [Tips: Some brochures are free for members. You may order a set from TI when you purchase other items from the TI Shop. They are great material to include in guest welcome packets.]

All About Toastmasters:

Find Your Voice (1 set free):

Your Path to Leadership (free set):

Sample Webpages from District 101 Clubs

Why have a website/page? Having a vibrant website or page will attract guests and improve your guest conversion to members. Online tools make setting up and maintaining a site easy.

What tools can we use? Here are a few ideas. Some are free to use and others charge. Just remember to always ask for a non-profit discount for any Toastmaster business.

  • Hosted website from a cloud provider (e.g. Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy, etc.)
  • WordPress site
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page

2018-2019 PR Award for website (ePresence):

Next Step Toastmasters Newsletter front page
Next Step Toastmasters updates their website home page after each monthly meeting and major event involving their members to showcase club activities and member achievements.

Brief text descriptions enhance collages of quality photos that provide a summary of each event/meeting. A mix of posed and action photos are used to give the viewer a sense of the club members, culture and activities.

The website is hosted by FreeToastHost, which offers free hosting for Toastmasters Clubs, providing a standard format for users to follow, including a customizable table of contents and a secure area (login required) for members to access club materials.

The home page includes helpful information for visitors, including:

  • Member benefits
  • Membership requirements
  • Video clips of notable workshops and meetings that are not only educational, but showcase what the club has to offer

To create a collage of pictures and text to post on your website:

  1. Create a one page PowerPoint slide with pictures and text
  2. Save it as jpg and upload to the FreeToastHost website

Note: The image will be reduced in size when you upload to the FreeToastHost website. The Next Step VPPR normally creates a large PowerPoint slide (30 in by 45 in) – so that the picture quality will be better. The important thing is to keep a good aspect ratio (portrait works better than landscape).

Sample PR Flyers from District 101 Clubs

When it comes to organizing a special event such as an Open House, one thing you must be sure to do is make people aware of it. PR Flyers provide a good way to advertise your event. Below are sample Open House Flyers from District 101 clubs – click on any of them to see the full-sized flyer.

Sample Newsletters from District 101 Clubs

Why have a newsletter? A good newsletter will help engage your current members and if you can add guests to your newsletter, can help turn guests into members. Many of these email services allow you to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness.

What tools can we use? Here are a few ideas. Some are free to use and others charge. Just remember to always ask for a non-profit discount for any Toastmaster business.

  • Toastmasters International Newsletter Templates sent via E-Mail
  • Email services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, etc.
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Online Newsletter Design Apps

2018-2019 PR Award for best Newsletter (Golden Quill):

First Place – First Street Speakers

 Second Place – Adlibmasters Club

Toasters R Us Newsletter

Toasters R Us publishes quarterly newsletters to remind members of recent activities, accomplishments, and exciting events. A team of editors help contribute to the publication, which highlights outstanding members and member accomplishments.

A Table of Contents informs readers of what to expect in the 2-page newsletter.

Colorful graphics as well as different font styles and font colors capture the reader’s attention.

A special sidebar section on the second page is used to share short tips and information in graphic form.

Intel Innovators Newsletter front page
The Intel Innovators club creates and distributes newsletters to remind people about their club. As a corporate club, members may forget to come to meetings, or may drift away from the club when they become too busy. The newsletter helps remind members of the fun atmosphere the club creates, and shares some of the memorable moments from the past month. Creating the newsletter every month can be daunting, but content and articles are divided amongst the officers so no one person is overloaded.

Newsletters can be made to look more professional by utilizing the official graphic elements from Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International recommends using their color palette, found on Page 2 of the Visual Brand Guidelines, on all promotional material.

Newsletters are a great opportunity to recognize member achievements, highlight past activities, and promote upcoming events.

Using photographs of members and club events helps readers get to know the club and see members enjoying club activities.

Social Media

Why should our club post to Social Media?An active Social Media presence — showcasing members advancing their personal growth through improved communication and leadership skills will advertise your club and immediately increase your guest rate. Many of these Social Media sites allow you to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness.

What tools can we use? Post regularly to free Social Media channels, for example:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Channel
  • Nextdoor

Pro Tip: Use automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier to auto-post to multiple channels at once

Share Your Club’s PR Successes

Do you have a flyer, newsletter, website, or video that has been successful at drawing visitors and new members to your club?

Share your ideas and success with your fellow Toastmasters. Send examples of your PR material to to showcase on this page. Include a brief description of what made your PR campaign successful – content, design, who your target audience is (who you distribute it to), etc.