Why I Love Toastmasters

A contest for best short video on why you love Toastmasters.

Welcome to the “Why I Love Toastmasters” contest!

Are you passionate about public speaking and communication? Do you want to share your experiences and insights about why you love Toastmasters? Then this contest is for you! Tell us in a short video (no longer than 1 minute) why you love being a part of Toastmasters.

It could be the supportive and welcoming community, the opportunity to practice and improve your public speaking skills, or the personal growth and confidence you’ve gained from being a part of the organization. Whatever your reason, we want to hear about it!

We’ll be judging the videos on content, delivery, and overall impact. The top three winners will receive prizes.

So why do you love Toastmasters? Share your story with us and enter the contest today!

Step 1: Submission

Video of 30 sec – 1 min showcasing why you love Toastmasters, to be submitted by Feb 3, 2023, to pr@d101tm.org.

Step 2: Judging by the Panel

Panel of Judges will rank the submissions based on following criteria and choose Top 5

  • Storyline – Why you love Toastmasters – 40%
  • Why your particular club – 30%
  • Creativity and originality – 20%
  • Production and technical skills – 10%

Step 3: Final Selection via Social Media

The Top 5 Videos will be posted on D101 Social Media Channels. Top 3 will be decided based on the number of likes voted by people. You can showcase your PR skills by garnering the maximum number of LIKES for your video!

Eligibility: All D101 Toastmasters