Candidates for District 101 Elected Positions for 2017-18

Candidate for District Director

Dave Spence, DTMDave Spence, DTM

Value is the most important benefit we can offer our members, and it’s our members that make Toastmasters so valuable. It’s unique among communication and leadership development organizations because we’re all members, working together to help each other grow and become more self-confident.

My vision is for District 101 to be a community where we all find growing value in being Toastmasters. Where each club is unique, and where each club provides a quality member experience. Where each member is valued and finds value as we each pursue our goals. And where we all have opportunities to grow, resources to be effective, and rewards and recognition as we succeed.

We all joined Toastmasters for different reasons, but as we journey together as a community of learners, encouraging others to dream, we discover that we’ve flourished ourselves. This is the value of Toastmasters, and why each of us is so valuable.

Candidates for Program Quality Director

Pavan Datla, CLPavan Datla, CL

Two things come to mind when I think of my experience with Toastmasters and District 101 – Opportunities and the Exposure to learn & grow. Opportunities pushed me beyond my comfort zone and allowed me to benefit both personally and professionally, by gaining substantial Exposure on both the communication and leadership fronts.

Having served the District in the capacity of a Division Director, Area Governor, District Conference Chair and multiple Club Officer positions, etc., I strongly believe I have the experience and a holistic perspective that is required for the position of the Program Quality Director. As always, I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with each of you and contribute to one another’s growth story, eventually leading to the overall development of the District.

My vision for this year is to adhere to a high program quality standard and to create ample Opportunities and the required Exposure to enhance the overall experience of our members. Together, we can lay the foundation and lead the way for a stronger District 101.

Francoise Muller, ACG, ALBFrancoise Muller, ACG, ALB

The reasons I joined Toastmasters were to become more efficient preparing my talks and more comfortable with hallway discussions. I was not seeking the leadership skills for which I was “accidentally” trained. However, with a club of 9 members, you do get involved with leadership and practice those skills.

Helping my club in its rebuilding efforts led me to engage with our Area and Division Governors. Thanks to them, I have since learned that saying “Yes” when asked to serve has been the best way for me to learn and help members grow.

“Yes”. This short word can open so many doors, yet can be so difficult to pronounce. By saying “Yes” to a new leadership opportunity, I know that becoming Program Quality Director would be a new challenge, one where I will do my best to serve all the members of District 101.

Candidate for Division A Director

Tetyana Margolina, ACS, CLTetyana Margolina, ACS, CL

I consider my service in leadership positions as a way of giving back to Toastmasters for everything they have done for me: for all the support and mentorship I have been getting since I joined Naval Postgraduate Toastmasters in 2012. Currently, I am also a member of CSUMB Oratory Otters and MIIS Toastmasters. Since 2013 I have taken on roles of Club VPM, VPE and President. During this Toastmasters year I have had a unique opportunity to visit different clubs as the Area A1 Director, meet diverse, special and wonderful people, and work with them while organizing club officer trainings and area contests. If elected, I plan to continue providing whatever assistance local clubs may need, helping fellow toastmasters achieve their communication and leadership goals, and bringing us, Division A Toastmasters, closer to each other.

Candidate for Division B Director

Sophia Liu, ACS Sophia Liu, ACS

I came from a place where self-expression was not taught at school. “Fear” was used to drive and discipline kids at home, and leadership was demonstrated by authority and entitlement everywhere.

I first came to Toastmasters to improve my English. The more I am involved with Toastmasters, the more I am surprised how much it has changed me. It has taught me to tell many of my stories in ways I never dreamed of before. It taught me how to think about situations in a positive way. It also taught me to realize how much as an individual I am able to influence other people and my community to make a difference.

As your Division B Director for 2017-2018, my vision is to help individual members actualize their dreams to become better storytellers, better influencers and better versions of themselves. In order to achieve that, I will work closely with the Area Directors to ensure that each club and every member is equipped with effective resources, opportunities and encouragement. It would be my honor and privilege to support you in your transformation within Toastmasters.

Candidate for Division C Director

Adam Foldes, CC, ALBAdam Foldes, CC, ALB

When I joined my first Toastmasters club, I did not know exactly what I could get out of the experience. Then, with each speech I gave, each meeting role I took, each club executive position I filled, each club officer training I attended, and each contest I volunteered at, my Toastmasters horizon got expanded a little further, culminating in my current District leadership role as Area C1 Director.

In my Area, I have had the pleasure of working together with countless driven and enthusiastic Toastmasters, and helping them and their clubs grow and achieve excellence. As your Division C Director, I would like to continue on the same path, and encourage my team of Area Directors to connect with their clubs, and assist them however they can – and, in the meantime, also contribute to the growth of our young District.