“If you are a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you, it makes you better” – Andrew Whitworth

Just think about this for a second. Pause…..

Life is a series of competitions. The question is, “Are you conscious of the difference that you can make by participating in the process?”

What is competition?

Let’s start from when you were born to where you are now. When you are born, the first struggle is to make it out of the womb, yes you won that one or you wouldn’t be reading this one! Next, is siblings, how do you compete among siblings and come out victorious? The numerous fights for candies or sweets at Indian festivals, who gets the most? It is not who won, it is about participation. School is one of the prime locations where competition starts. Playing a dual game, if you win, you are tested on a set of emotions; if you lose, you are tested on a separate set of emotions. Each win would propel you to do more and achieve more. However, each loss would inspire you to give your best the next time. Is that the feeling that you have experienced? It is easier said than done. 

The first thing that happens when you win is ecstasy and joy. Though it is short-lived, it brings in enough inspiration to try higher goals. This joy is intercepted by incoherent chants by classmates about nepotism and bigotry, even though that may not be the case!

The nay-sayers have to get their piece of the participation by doing the post-mortem on the competition and the results. Slowly this episode seeps into oblivion. Only to be raised again when you lose the next time. When one loses, the depression sets in no time. It requires a lot of effort by the person to overcome that. The nay-sayers are silenced automatically since they can’t add their contributions to the drama of emotions.

How is progress made?

Irrespective of the outcome, we all agree that competition is the key to progress in our lives. Good competition has a lot of positive benefits for the participants.

  1. We develop our closest friends when we are under pressure to perform.
  2. You can learn the different traits of people around you when you are in distress.
  3. Motivation to perform better each time.

Competition is the celestial pacemaker in growing our lives!

We all know that Toastmasters challenges our status quo and requires us to rise above our limitations and participate in contests. Humorous and Table Topics contestants know the feeling of nerves just before the spotlight finds them.

You are what you speak! 

There is no record, pause, or repeat in this live recording of contests. A spoken word is like writing on the wall, with no eraser. Be assured, that you have participated in the process and played your part! You are well worthy of respect and adulation for participation alone.

Irrespective of winning or losing, once you participate in a contest, progress is inevitable. You are the star of your club and the area which you represent. Recognition comes flying through the ethos. Your aura will never be the same and your image will be larger than the last time somebody looked at you!

You are a hero/heroine! Face your fears and be brave to accept the consequences!

Why participate?

Each episode of your life is ridden with strife and competition, the only way to win is to participate in the process.

Competition is an essential game changer in everyone’s life. By participating in the process you are opening yourself up to numerous possibilities. The results of the competition are a by-product of participation. But one must realize that participation itself is half the battle won! 

Congratulations to all the contest participants out there!! Go and grab as many applauses and feathers as you can find! They will help you fly to greater heights!!

Progress has been made!!!

Priya Shastri, DTM

Big Basin Toastmasters, D101

Women L.E.A.D. Toastmasters, D101