In Toastmasters, as a new member or newbie, you may be introduced to numerous leadership aspirations and ideas via District Roles. The main question, however, is how to accomplish it.

Serving in a District role is one way to accomplish some of our leadership aspirations.

It is like hitting a bullseye or scoring a hole-in-one for golf enthusiasts. The primary job description of a district role is the ability to connect with people through conversations, networking, and bringing in new members who are genuinely interested in honing their leadership skills. 

The before and after of your Toastmaster’s journey will be significantly different. You will learn organizational skills, delivering impromptu speeches at the drop of a hat, remembering little anecdotes, and understanding the characteristics of people. People management and project management will be the key skills required to succeed in these roles. If you already possess these skills, embrace the opportunity fully. If not, nurture those skills by taking up these opportunities!

Just imagine that you are the Project Director in your organization. Serving in a District role provides you that experience in your Toastmasters journey. Your visibility will increase significantly in multiple ways. You become the face of the district, and you receive full credit for all the activities you do for the district. As Spiderman famously said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. In these roles, you have the power to influence fellow Toastmasters. Use this power wisely!


For example, if you are an Area Director, you are responsible for the well-being of all the clubs in your area – the club’s open house, increasing membership, and DCP goals. There are 36 area directors in D101 And 6 Division directors. If you are the Division Director, you are responsible for the areas in your District. Some of the goals that can be accomplished are Distinguished Division/Area. Responsibilities include reminding the members about Club Officer Training (COT), and conducting Division/Area Contests while building relationships. 

If you are the Program Quality Director(PQD), you become part of the District Trio, and you have the responsibility to make sure that all the events are conducted successfully and inclusive of everybody’s opinions. Ensure that the District is performing at its highest potential.

As a Club Growth Director(CGD) you are responsible for the membership-building process, sustaining clubs, and preventing club loss.

As a District Director, you are the one and only person completely responsible for the well-being of the District.

Each role comes with its challenges, but it is worth pursuing and learning! Learning happens when you are uncomfortable!

District contests are an undeniable part of a Toastmaster’s journey. In the District role, you have to play host to contests, procure contest role-players, and promote healthy competition among the clubs. 

There is always a way if you have the necessary drive to get things done.

Here are some testimonials from fellow District officers:

One of our Area directors  TM Agilandeswari Kannan, has the following comment, ”My journey as an Area Director was a great learning. I had the opportunity to learn and meet people outside of India. I admired the Area Director who handled conflicts and how she motivated the members of the clubs.”

One of our best division directors TM Jaymol George says, ”My recent district role was Division E Director. One year in this role expanded me in ways I had never experienced before. 

I learned three valuable lessons:

  1. Experiencing things as they are: Gaining a bird’s-eye view of my 28 clubs revealed the uniqueness of each one. This helped me provide tailored support based on their individual needs.
  2. Honing my influencing skills through active listening: This enabled me to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.
  3. Maximizing time by focusing on what truly matters: Working closely with my 6 Area Directors, I learned how to make the most of my time.”

As Division Director, my personal testimony is about a time when I was conducting a District contest on a Saturday at 8 a.m. and had role-players signed up at the last minute. I called some Toastmasters, and instantly they jumped in to help me with the contest. These are the relationships I cherish, as they have helped me in my time of need.


In summary, a district role provides you with wings when you need them the most. It will help you fly to great heights and take some people along with you!

Keep soaring to reach those heights by taking up a district role! You will discover the hidden potential in yourself, and add an extra feather to your cap. Keep it up!

Written by: Priya R. Shastri, DTM
Women L.E.A.D. Toastmaster Club, D101