Club Spotlight: Women in Product Toastmasters

by Erica Tamburo

Women Product Managers Focus on “Empowering Every Woman’s Voice at the Table”


Social media and a myriad of online platforms give us all the opportunity to connect with others that share the same interests, aspirations, and commitment and that’s how the Women in Product Toastmasters Club (WIP-TMC) got their start. Founders connected on the Women in Product Facebook page, a vibrant and supportive community of women working in and aspiring to be Product Managers. The club started quickly and continues to grow at an exciting rate, attracting women across the globe in all stages of their product careers, who are interested in developing speaking and leadership skills, while increasing their product knowledge and being in service to others on the same path.

Being product managers, they bring their unique skill sets and creativity to the club and members have a club experience tailored for those in product management. For example, all club meetings are themed and include product themes such as product roadmap, product launch, personalization, market research, stakeholder management, and customer feedback. Speakers for that day are asked to incorporate the theme into their speeches if possible and the table topics master asks questions related to the topic. The diverse, international membership shares their knowledge across industries and across levels of experience to create a rich table topics session. Questions also help prepare those going through the interview process for their next big move. Every speech is an opportunity to practice speaking, leadership, and to grow product knowledge.

As the District 101’s April 2021 Vibrant Club of the Month, WIP Toastmasters Club shares some tips for how they attract so many to their club open houses and convert guests to members:

#1. Define Your Ideal Club Member
In product management this is referred to as defining your user and writing user stories. This is an opportunity for you to put yourself into another’s shoes and understand why they would want to join your club. For example, are you starting a club targeting leaders? Write a story detailing what this leader would be looking for that they would find at your club. Understanding what your ideal club member would want will help you tailor messages for that person and attract them to your club.

#2. Develop A Club Vision
Set your club apart from other clubs by developing a club vision. The WIP club’s vision is “Empowering Every Woman’s Voice at the Table.” The club vision takes time to develop and cannot be rushed. Work closely with club leadership to define a vision that you are all excited about.

#3. Share Your Club Vision
Now that you have your vision, share it! Share it across your social media and consider sharing at your next Open House. A clear, inspirational, and motivational vision will quickly convert guests to members.

#4. Welcome and Engage Guests and New Members
The final key to attracting new members to the club is a warm, kind, and welcoming VPM with a process that engages guests, demonstrates the benefits of club participation, and conveys all of the information needed for new club members to get up and running quickly and confidently.

These four steps will help you attract and onboard new members that are excited about what your unique club has to offer. Remember to keep refining your processes through practice, documentation, and by collecting constructive feedback to incorporate in the future. Best of luck as you grow your club! .

We’d love to hear from you. You can connect with club President (2021) Erica Tamburo at and club VPM (2021) Svetlana Bezinyan at You can also follow us on our public Facebook group, A PM’s Toastmaster Club.

Written by Erica Tamburo, member of WIP Toastmasters Club