COT- Your Club Officer Training

by Anurag Kumar

Have you attended COT- your Club Officer Training? If you did, you have taken the first step to ensure that you, your club, and fellow Toastmasters will have a successful Toastmasters year. If you have not, what’s the holdup? Training is in full swing. The first round of training ends on August 24, 2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming sessions. The schedule is posted on the district 101 website: Please take a moment to see which best fits your schedule. If you are scared of attending training, don’t be, relax – you are not alone. Becoming an officer for the first time can be intimidating. However, at COT, an experienced trainer guides you. You will also meet returning officers who are also ready, willing, and able to help as you begin your leadership journey.

Club Officer Training provides the officers of our District, both new and returning, a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and friendly environment. As a trained club officer, you will have what it takes to be of service to your club and community. How many times have you thought about changes you believed would make your club operate better? As a club officer, you will have the opportunity to make some of those changes to achieve your club’s goals and objectives.

This year, due to the Pandemic, club officer training is being conducted over Zoom. Zoom provides our trainers with many new opportunities to share their valuable knowledge and resources. It has also allowed officers from different parts of the world to attend our training. It was interesting to hear an officer from China who wanted to experience or training in English say, “I felt very much at home after attending your training session.”  How ironic; it took a worldwide pandemic to draw us closer to that dream of one Voice. One Team one District; this year’s District theme. Training over Zoom has dramatically expanded our horizons.

Clubs with all officers trained function at a much higher level. Club Officer Training has sustained our organization over the years. It is a requirement for all officers to help them stay up to date with the changes of our organization. As you collaborate with your fellow officers and share your experiences, you will discover all clubs and Toastmasters experience the same challenges on their journey. At COT, you will learn our best practices, the solutions that work, and those we should avoid. You will also learn about the importance of incorporating our core values, integrity, respect, service, and excellence, in every decision you make.

In my club, The Articulators, the members encourage all our officers to sign up for COT. I hope my fellow Toastmasters reading this article will do the same. When our officers return from training, we notice those initially unclear about serving return excited with a renewed vision for our club. With their critical questions about leadership answered, they feel empowered and ready to help. They know who to call and what to do in those times of need. They know where their club is heading and how, and when they will get there.

Sign up today for one of our upcoming Club Officer Training sessions. Get to know your District leaders. Talk to them about your goals and the goals for your club. For attending COT, your club earns Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points. In addition, your club also receives District credits by participating in the following district programs: Fast Lane -Luck7 and our Magnificent -7 programs. To learn more about those programs, go to:

Fast Lane:,

Lucky 7:,

Magnificent 7:

Participating clubs are featured on the district website and social media pages.  Prepare for your club’s continued success. Register for your Club Officer Training today! To learn more about COT, go to: 

Written by: Anurag Kumar VPE Articulators